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Have a nice weekend too @dhenz. I can see that you are going to enjoy yours.

It's a cold weekend all round I'll be clutching to my sweaters, have fun with getting fit and eating well. 😁😁😁

Nice selfie 😆! You already lifted up the day. I’ve done my workout as well this morning. 4 miles of jogging in my favorite park in Brooklyn, NY.
Same to you, have a great weekend!

Keep STACKIN those plates lol... man, I haven’t hit legs for a year, thanks for the reminder 😂

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Have a nice weekend too brother. Good to see you’re not skipping leg day...

I'm getting my exercise using the Aircoins app. The coins might not be the best but my step count has shot up :)

Man, I can already feel the gruesome pain from here. I really gotta start working out again 😅 smh.