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The 2nd Amendment effectively guards the 1st. Both are important but one is needed to ensure the other.

So, the 2nd amendment is no longer needed? Who did you ask? Hitler, Castro, Qaddafi, Stalin, Idi Amin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-Il and Un ? Perhaps you should have consulted with the multi millions they TRAMPLED and "executed" because they were defenseless against them. Our firearms were intended to be able to counter the government big boys should it get out of control (like in the above recent history)examples. High powered weapons are part of the safe guard mechanism laid in "for the people" as a back up against the government should we need to re balance power.

As horrible as this type of event is we the people would be in a FAR worse situation if we could no longer counter an out of control government. And since I AM an AMERICAN, this is a more important conversation for me. We here in America are born of a country that is NOT of any monarchy base. In fact George Washington refused that title (King). Instead we were formed out of a dispute with an out of control monarchy. And unless a person IS an American it's just a mute conversation because our own internal structure regarding the rights afforded to us by GOD and our constitution are no other countries business... in that regard, we don't answer to anyone!
And we owe NO apologies.

So, this subject is VERY relevant to the core fiber of WHO and WHY America is.

Truly it is a horrible thing that happened and I wish I knew an easy-quick answer to how we stop bad people from doing bad things but the ugly truth is it's not gonna stop (ultimately). It's called life.

The best we can do IMO is to work on ourselves as much as we can. Become the best we each can be because like I've already said, this is NOT about an external issue. It's about an internal one. Again, if you doubt me ask the UK; Knife attacks and acid attacks. France - bus attacks, Bombs, etc ad nausium. Course if you listen to a-holes like Mayor Khan of London; It's all just part and parcel of normal living in a big city. It didn't used to be! And in the era not so far back we still had guns bombs knives etc. but these attacks do seem to be increasing.
Course we all also have media tech that allows everybody to know and see everything everywhere all at once in real time. So, perhaps it isn't happening as much as it seems. Nonetheless the "reason" is an internal one not external. The better angle of approach would be to as what we each can do to be our best self and begin working on that till we die because there is always room for improvement of our character. And the more we look and blame other people for their faults the less we work and see our own, and that gets sloppy FAST!!

So, you think labels are bad? How do you grocery shop? Do you go in the store and blindly rake random items in the buggy? Yes, labels ARE CRITICAL! Try telling my mom who was a book keeper her whole life labels (ie: file labels) are not a good thing. If you do not know what you are or refuse to accept a label/tag then IF, there is a need, you will never be able to improve.

To effect ANY change on purpose you must first accept the truth of what IS. To do that, you must know who/what/where you are. Then,.... you can make an effective change. But, if you dont know where/who/what you are, out of a resistance to accept labels or because it's upsetting then, you cannot know how to get to where you want to go (or NEED to go). You MUST FIRST know where/who/what you are/at.

Scent/sight labels tell the prey who the predator is. They also tell the predator who his food is. Labels are absolute, and a part of the universal design. As well as a good thing.

And in this situation regarding the left, they ARE becoming more radical left. It's not me being an asshole. It's true. It's so true that we have people who were "Classical Liberal" leaving and moving right because there is no (allowed) room for them on the left anymore. It has become that intolerant.

Again to be redundant, When Milo, a gay white man engaged to a black man is unwelcome to speak at Berkeley of all places then yes, the left has moved waay far left. Towards fascism ironically. It is what it is, and I will never lie for the sake of civility or to spare someones feelings about a truth that is not just ugly but, downright tyrannical not to mention hypocritical.

Like our news media, they have gone soo far left they can't report the honest truth to save their lives. CNN has been caught in sooo many downright fabrications of stories their ratings are in the basement but they are so leftist angry they refuse to change so they stay a laughing stock. The other MSM are not far away and that is why so many people are turning to alternate news sources but I digress...

I'm sorry but labels are valid and needed. The good news is if one finds themselves being labeled as whatever first, consider the old saying " If One Person Calls You an Ass, Ignore Them. If Five People Call You an Ass, Buy a Saddle." Yaknow? But he good news part is we as humans can actively change our title.
Once, many many people used to be selfish booger eating brats but, long story short, they changed. They grew up. It just seems now, more and more people are not electing to "grow up" (label change).

So yes, labels are VERY important. They are just sometimes ugly and smelly but if one rejects them, then change for the better is almost impossible.

"Everyone thinks of changing the world but, no one thinks of changing himself"
Leo Tolstoy

I am Groot - :) Have a good day, have it all week long...

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