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Look, you are a little boy looking for a fight. And it is PAINFULLY obvious. And if you cant handle the fact of a generalized statement that this new generation is largely a whining safe space needing generation with out you specifically being pointed to with out beginning the conversation of response to me with "Fuck you" as your first words then my case is rested. Now I could stop there, but after looking at you for an instant I got you sized up. Take a look at your page name "Bah FucYou" you are a disgruntled "little boy". You Want the fight. You are actively looking for it. What I have said about the current generation is NOT a lie. It's NOT me being an asshole. And your knee-jerk Fuck You as your intro proves it Bah FucYou.... It wasn't me being a mean hypocrite. It was you proving my point.

Kick rocks Jr. I'm done with you. You are just not worth paying attention to. You are going to have to suffer in life a little more I guess... good luck you're gonna need it....

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When you invite the Fuck you by claiming AT-LENGHT that you can take a Fuck you when you cannot, then you are a Hypocrite. When you Wag your Fingers at the Current Generations and do so SOLELY on your opinion after repeatedly asked to provide something of substance to sustain it and do so while preaching "Look at the Man In the Mirror" you are a hypocrite Once More. When you Resort to Personal Attacks and Tantrum Throwing that you accused the faceless, defenesless "generalizations" of, you are a Hypocrite.

You can continue the fiction of what I want, what I think what I do, who I am, why I am and how I am but it won't make me a Hypocrite. Your Nonsense Stands as Nonsense, your Opinion Remain Opinions, your claims to deal in fact are bogus, keep some of that advice you so freely give to yourself and use it, maybe you can find some sense or logic or maybe stumble over some facts.

Men don't speak in Omissions. Men don't use ellipsis or end their thoughts on them, Men say what they mean and Mean what they say, you hardly can claim such things, keep wishing me good luck mr Muscle Face, who has a Problem with my name and hardly can Take a Fuck but will profess quite to the contrary. I lost, you won, your high brow is showing.