The media are anti-gun.

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Since I spend so much of my time on Second Amendment and self-defense issues, it always surprises me when a story like this pops up that I missed. That is, it surprises me until I remind myself that the media are anti-gun, and they bury any story about an innocent life being saved by a gun that they possibly can to perpetuate the narrative that only racist rednecks who wanna kill black people carry guns.

This story is important. I recommend watching the whole interview; but, I'll summarize a few important takeaways, including a point or two that came from my own research outside of this interview.

So, Gage Tauscher was walking his girlfriend at the time to get apartment as her ex-boyfriend emerged and opened fire.

I haven't been able to find specifics about the gun that the attacker was using; but, we know that it was a .45 ACP pistol.

There are double stacked .45 ACP handguns; but, I'm going to assume that the asshole had a single stacked like my 1911.

Either way, that it's a 10+1 on the high end of capacity and 7+1 on the low end. That means that, even if the guy didn't miss Tauscher completely with a shot or two, he'd need to reload in order to inflict the 15 entry wounds in Tauscher.

This is yet another case that bolsters my point that capacity limits benefit the bad guys. Although Tauscher only fired once in this case, his attacker was probably carrying three or more magazines. I usually only carry two when I'm carrying my 1911. A lot of people only carry one. People who are carrying for personal protection are worried about freaking people out if we're clearly imprinting or we've got loaded magazines protuding out of our pockets. People who are prepping to commit a murder don't care that much.

Also, I presume that every American citizen on my feed is registered to vote, and therefore a potential voter. Again, in this case, it was the bad guy who mag dumped into a victim. Still, there are plenty of cases in which a defender has needed to put fifteen rounds into an attacker before the attacker stopped being a threat. Keep that in mind if you're ever in a case wherein the defendant is claiming self defense. Prosecutors will always try to hold the number of rounds fired against the defendant. Yes, sometimes, people do keep fighting after the person stops being a threat, and those people should face consequences. Still, every case is different.

As a practical matter, this is why one should carry with a round in the chamber. If you're attacked, it stands to reason that the attacker will often get the first shot off. By the time Tauscher was able to access his gun, he only had the use of one arm. Tauscher's gun would have been useless if he hadn't had a round in the chamber.

Finally, since Tauscher is left handed, and he took four bullets to his left arm, he now uses a pistol brace. Ya know, the things that Biden and the ATF are trying to make illegal.

Basically, I can see why the left wanted to bury this. Tauscher would surely be dead if he didn't have a gun to protect himself. No gun control managed to disarm the bad guy. All the Democrats are doing is attempt to disarm the good guy.

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