Gulf Exchange and The Listing Phase Are the Coming Steps in the GulfCoin Roadmap

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GulfCoin ICO began on March 15th and is still active on the official website. The promising cryptocurrency has already achieved significant milestones, and its community continues to grow. Numerous reputable global cryptocurrency exchanges have already announced that GulfCoin will be listed once the presale period concludes. While the ICO is still active, the price has increased to 0.03$.

GulfCoin ICO is still ongoing, and Gulf Exchange will launch on June 15th, the same date GulfCoin will be listed on other exchanges.

iGulf App

GulfCoin announced the official launch of the iGulf Application on Google Play and the Apple App Store on May 4th via its official Twitter account. IGulf is a cryptocurrency launchpad application for GulfCoin.

This application is designed to make it simple for anyone to manage their transactions; it features a dashboard where you can add your wallet address and purchase GulfCoin during the pre-sale period, as well as track the price of GulfCoin and monitor your coins and account status. The application accepts both cryptocurrency and USD payments.

Heading towards crowd sale

On the project's official Twitter account, the GulfCoin team has recently announced that the soft cap has been reached less than one month after the initial coin offering began.

GulfCoin sales have exceeded 170 million coins, and the community has grown rapidly throughout the world. The ICO is progressing towards the crowd sale stage, with the goal of reaching the 1 billion coin hard cap.

Gulf Exchange and GulfCoin listing

The GULF team also announced a new milestone via Twitter: Gulf Exchange will be released on 15 June 2022. Its mission is to be one of the most advanced, developed, and secure decentralized exchange platforms in the world through the use of cutting-edge tools and techniques. GulfCoin holders can use this platform to trade GulfCoin as well as buy, sell, and trade other cryptocurrencies.

The team will "consider all of the challenges that traders face when trading on existing exchange platforms in order to provide the community with the simplest way to trade and profit".

Additionally, more than ten globally recognized exchanges have already announced their intention to list GulfCoin immediately following the presale, and the number is growing.


GulfCoin is current with technological advancements. GULF will create its own NFT art collections, which will be minted on the GULF NFT MARKETPLACE, which is currently under development, where GulfCoin will be used to purchase the NFTs, allowing digital collectors to buy, sell, and mint their tokens representing NFT ownership. GulfCoin is aiming to spread this revolution throughout the world, particularly in the Arabic region.

About GULF

The GULF project is developed by a team of top-notch programmers and experts from the Arab region and around the world who are inspired by the Blockchain revolution.

GulfCoin is backed by numerous projects and is being developed to provide digital payment solutions and to ensure financial inclusion for the masses, thereby simplifying and modernizing financial life.

GULF's mission is to educate and empower individuals to embrace the new digital financial revolution and to assist them in making the transition from traditional financial and payment markets to the crypto-verse and digital payment solutions.

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