Guld is Going to Rock Your 2018.

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Blocktree Will Be the Word You Hear Associated with Guld.

When TIGO CTM delivers their first hardware they will all come with the Guld operating system.

What is Guld? Click Here for the Full Seminar

-GuldOS is a security and privacy focused Operating System (OS) for the network of the future.

-GuldFS is a decentralized, immutable FileSystem (FS) and file sharing network.

-The Blocktree is the hashed merkle polytree that guldFS reads and writes to.

-Directed Acyclic Graphs are a subset of trees that does not allow loops, but does allow branches.

Guld Chose to Use Opensource Code.


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Highly rEsteemed!

First I've heard of it. Have to look into this more!

Very interesting project i mean so different, i have to read more about it. Regards

If satoshi nakomato supports open source so am i

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Guld Website here - There are many more information.
Mixing everything is a very good project.
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Stay All Well and Happy!
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this is the time for the guld to begin ;)

Thanks dear @hilarski for sharing wonderful information. Indeed I heard about Guld after reading this post. Really feeling great to know the enhancement in crypto world.
I agree Blocktree Will Be the Word You Hear Associated with Guld.
All the best and stay blessed!

Great job Randy! Hope Guld will indeed rock it!

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