My Electric Guitar Collection

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Hey, wassup guys! Since I've been in a cast and pretty much stuck at home in the bed for the last two and a half weeks, I've become extremely bored.

I'm very limited on what I can do and for how long while in this cast because it's non weight bearing. Getting these guitars out and lugging them around was taxing while using crutches so I had to get my other half to help out with this video.

It's basically a show and tell video showing my electric guitars. I tell just a little bit about each one of them and get a few close up shots.

Here's a list of what's featured:

Ibenez RG Series


2018 American Fender Professional Series Stratocaster




2014 American Fender Deluxe HSH Stratocaster


2016 Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Ten Top


Hope you enjoy the video, thanks!

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Wow! Beautiful collection! Hope you heal quickly

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Thank you kindly!

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