Shape of you (Ed Sheeran) guitar lesson | Simplified for beginners

in guitar •  5 days ago 

Shape of you guitar tutorial simplified for beginners.

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Hi tamsguitar,

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Thank you so much!

How well you play friend, I congratulate you on your talent! Few have that magic to play the guitar and create melodies, the song you played is great, it was my favorite two years ago and you did it very well :D

Hello @tamsguitar
Congratulations on a Curie vote.
You have a wonderful way to teach.
I have taught children basic guitar lessons and I think your method would work very well. It is completely understandable.
I subscribed to your YouTube channel and I follow you here on Steemit.
Stay Great!
Thanks Curie for this selection. Great!

This simplied version is a great tutorial for beginners. Even if a beginner like me would be able to follow through. 😂

My brother is also a good guitarist. And I would love my son to be taught by him. But, hmmmm, we could always refer to your tutorials!!! Hehehe! 😂😁

This tutorial was beautiful. I love the music of Ed Sheeran (not everything but the vast majority). I would like to see your head in the video (laughs). Congratulations on the Curie vote and thank you very much for this musical lesson. Kind regards @tamsguitar

dear @tamsguitar this is really a nice idea! I personally find it very difficult to learn something without a physical teacher near me, but you seem very good to me and I hope for you success with this project :-))