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Over the last year or so I've been on Steemit I've been lucky to accumulate a nice amount of Steem. I've mostly powered it up to gain some influence here. I have spent some Steem and Steem Dollars on buying a few things from other users, but hadn't powered down or made any big purchases until recently. As most shops do not accept Steem yet I needed some way to spend it. I got myself a debit card from Bitwala (@teambitwala) that uses a Bitcoin wallet. You can convert that to Euros when you want to spend some. I've used Changelly (@changelly) and @blocktrades to convert Steem to Bitcoin. I go with whichever offers the best rate at that moment. I've been able to buy a few things, but the first big one was booking my trip to Steemfest. Now I've done a bigger purchase. These two meant powering down for a couple of weeks, but I've turned that off again now.

Here's a teaser shot.


I made a return trip to Coda Music in Stevenage where I went a week ago to check out a few guitars. They have an amazing range in there. Some cost many thousands, but I didn't want to go that high. I want something I'm happy to take out, but that will be an upgrade from my old Dean.


Here she is. It's a Taylor 210e DLX. I hadn't been intending to buy a Taylor as I thought they would be out of my price range, but this was on special offer as, apparently, a batch was shipped in error to the UK and didn't fit what was in their catalogue. Coda bought them all up at a discount. So I got more than I expected for my money. I could have gone second hand, but I chose to go for new. The case this comes in would probably cost £100 on its own.


It's a little larger than my Dean, but the different in sound is significant. Lots more 'body' and less 'tinny'. Unfortunately it won't fit in my old soft case, so I may need another of those some time.


It's a lovely finish. The top is sitka spruce and the sides are laminated rosewood. This is actually a Mexican made guitar. A solid wood one from the USA would cost a bit more. It has a pickup system so I can play at open mic sessions. I look forward to trying it there. In fact I'll be at another next week where it will make its debut.


It would be harder to justify a purchase like this from the family account, but Steemit has totally covered it for me. That's a great feeling.

Here's a quick video demo.

Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

I'll buy guitar picks for Steem Dollars

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Really gorgeous guitar man!, congrats!

Nice guitar! I love my Taylor and reading this article made me realize it's already 21 years old. Taylor's have a great bright crisp sound.

I also have a Martin, an old one that was my grandmothers. When I bought my Taylor I had been looking for a while. I'd go into a guitar store and go into the "room" and I started with Martins because that's what I had, but I never liked the sound of the new ones. They sounded muddy. So I'd look at the wall to see which guitar would catch my eye, then play it to see if I liked the sound and feel. Inevitably I always grabbed the Taylor and was never disappointed.


I hope mine lasts at least 20 years. I've had my Dean for a fair while. It could do with a service really. The frets are quite worn, but that's normal. I've heard a few nice guitars at my pub sessions and the Taylors have always impressed me.


It'll last. Mine even stays in tune in it's case for long periods if the temperature doesn't fluctuate too much.

One thing I did learn when I had it in Arizona. Taylor doesn't sell many guitars in Arizona because it's very dry and Taylors don't do well in a dry climate. I know that's true of guitars generally, but other brands sell in Az just like in other states. Apparently Taylors are made in a humid environment and that comes in to play. Anyway, if you're going to have it in a dry climate for any length of time, get a humidifier for it.

Nice one @steevc, sounded pretty good through that webcam mic so I can only imagine how lovely it would sound in person!

wow!!!! Well done, @steevc ! It's a great guitar! Even if I don't play guitar, I have to say that I really love to hear the sound of these instruments!


Cheers. It's a step up for me, but I just love to play

Steve the 3rd photo down your guitar looks like it is smiling.
When writing about what you have done with your money in Steemit
you forgot to mention how you gave me more Steem Power so I get a boost and also can give more out. Also you support charities in here. Trying to remember how to spell the name of the charity I am mostly thinking of.

I say go get what you want and now Steem Fest .. your timing is great.
Thanks for being my friend and also a great role model in Steemit.
I need to post about all you do, maybe one day..LOL


You mean @papilloncharity. I'm just having a great time and want to give something back.


That is the one I was thinking of, thanks!

As a newbie, was it hard to switch to a larger body ? Well, from the video evidence, obviously not - but I must admit was surprised at the difference in size (as the actress said to the bishop). PS. I think you're a great advert for Steemit.


The body depth is similar on the two guitars. The new one just sticks out a bit more. My arms are long enough to cope. I'm having a lot of fun on steemit. Even if it blew up now I'd be happy with what I've achieved

Yeah! Steem Powered Guitar! So you finally bought it my friend! It looks really nice, always great to get something you have a passion for! Some great tunes coming up man!

Sharp guitar, and it sounds the part! Congrats! I appreciated the tips on spending steem as well

Awesome @steevc,
Very nice guitar. There was a moment in the video after one of your strums where you can here it's lovely ring, but you did cut that short.
Looking forward to hearing more from your brand new Steemit guitar.
Rock on!


It's very different to my old one. There's real depth to the tone. There will be more recordings soon


Yes, you can get a good idea of the tone in the video.
I love a big guitar, the big sound is great for recordings.
Rock on.

Man that is a beautiful guitar and no mistake! Good job!

So you decided to buy the guitar then; well done she is a beauty, the case looks like something i would sleep in lol.

Damn....taylor guitar! I am so envious. I just started and hopefully my steems would be able to get me one. currently using a seagull. take care sir.

Hey congrats man. I know how it feels to get something that gives and brings you joy. Happy for you.

wow that is so great use of rewards amazing to see :D loved the quick demo video of it nicely played :D

Awesome to see enabling you to get this Guitar, looks really nice

Congratulations on your new purchase mate! It looks like it is a very nice instrument. It is amazing how this blockchain technology and steemit in particular can help people earn money and buy real things with it. And in general I love the guitar and the way it sounds.

Wow man!! Congrats on the guitar 😎👍🏻

When i started playing guitar and the tone doesn't sounds melodious i felt so damnn frustated and i think every begginner story is the same i


It's a mix of the player and the guitar. I've played for many years and feel I have earned a guitar like this

very nice guitar my friend. Ive never owned a taylor personally but they do make great acoustics I do know that.

congrats Steve! great guitar, as far as I can see.

Oh yeah, so finally you bought a guitar, congratulations @steevc, your compositions are on top :)

That sounds amazing, I am also searching for a new guitar for my younger brother. His guitar now sounds terrible, although we have changed its string but not very significant change. Do you have any tips for this?


What sort of guitar is it? There can be issues if it needs adjustment of the neck or bridge. I'm not great at that


It is normal guitar.

Ah sweet!
Congratulations on your new purchase - you must be so happy with it.
I'm sure she's going to bring you a lot of happy times over the years.

I do not understand much about guitars, but I think you chose the best one for you. With a pleasant purchase of you.

Very sounds this guitar i have a guitar i like a guitar


Enjoy your guitar

Sounds good to me. Well done for collecting enough steem for a present!

i wish to buy car with steemit 😍😍


It could happen some day