Strutting my Tele for #TeleTuesday

in guitar •  3 months ago

I have a new band project with some folk from the pub sessions. So far it's two guitars and a sax, but we may have a bassist soon. Last night we had our first rehearsal at London Road Studios in Baldock. I've not been there before and it's tucked away on an industrial estate. We had a servicable room with some amplifiers. There was a drum kit, but we didn't really use it. This was mainly an opportunity to work on some songs we'd tried at the pub and have a go at some others that may suit our lineup. None of us will claim to be a great singer, but we'll have a go. It's all for fun.

You can probably work out what song I was working on here. I'm looking at some on-line lessons to find some riffs to play. I don't want to replicate the original solos, but I'm looking to get some of that rockabilly vibe. The guitar is my Benford Custom Telecaster and the sounds are via my Zoom G3X effects that does the basic drums and lets me record a loop.

The studio rig looks imposing, but it wasn't turned up too loud and I didn't figure out how to tweak it much. I just wanted a basic sound and I'll take my pedals next time.


#TeleTuesday is just a bit of fun to get more guitars on Steemit.

Rock on!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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Very cool! My nephew just got a drum set for his birthday and I am excited to go down and visit him so I can play around on it. It has been forever since I played, but I think I still probably have some skills! The start of the school year has hampered my guitar learning, but I hope to pick back up again as Winter comes.


I'd like a drum kit, but then that's another instrument I'd have to learn

That is a beautiful guitar. Love that wood finish dude.


Cheers. Much as I like a fancy finish they do add to the cost. I'm very happy with this guitar


Haha yeah man, you can say that again. If I came into some money the one of the first things I'd likely splurge on is a little guitar collection. I love the ones I have but for recording, sometimes you need some variety.


I don't have as many as some people, but most of mine get well used.


Hey man that's all that matters!

You are getting so good with your guitar riffs, just wow.

For a second I thought London Road Studios might actually be on London Road in London, where I was this evening. But then I saw you were in Baldock lol!

If I didn't know you did all this for fun, I'd advise you to find a lead singer for your band to complement your riffing skills. But that would defeat the point, as it would all become too serious then. :)

Don't get a Ryan Air flight as your wont be able to fit your Marshal amp in the hand luggage :) Seriously awesome playing... are you bringing any music makers with you?


I plan to bring a uke. I got away with that last time.

Well keep reharsing till you get really good and it would be more than just fun... You might change a life with your song

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