The Will, Original Song, It's a Haul to Play It

in guitar •  last year

Hello All,

I write and recorded a song called "The Will" in 2007. That was probably the peak of my playing ability. I don't know that I could play this song today without practicing it for months. It was a lot of fun to play and record. I am not that great at recording though.

The song is a duet for two guitarists/vocalists. Although I sing and play both parts (I wish I had someone to play with though). Anyway, I posted it to Dsound:

This will be the first song I have ever shared. It is certainly not my best, but I like it OK. I will look through my 100+ original song recordings and see if I can find something better for the future. Let me know what you think as I really never get feedback about my music.



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nice post...
thank you for sharing


Thanks but there is a song with it.

I like the tune... Keep up the hard work and you'll get there one day.


Thanks for listening!