Making A Custom Guitar From Scratch Hemp CBD Fiber #Water #Home Made

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How does it sound?

most people would agree, the most important aspect of a guitar is its sound. . Jakob Frank

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Hempy's Hub would like to introduce you to the Revolutionary new product changing how we produce instruments. The story starts with Jakob Frank and Norbet Schmid, Several years ago they started working with Hemp Stone to create their hemp canna guitar

Hemp Stone is an organic material that forms a solid body by using Hempfiber and water that was developed and patent in the 90s.

Norbet Schmid has worked with the material for over 13 years and he is very interested in working with designers artists and instrument makers. He has perfected his style of using the Hempstone in designing guitars. He works in Austria and mainly making Didgeridoo's out of Hempstone .

Jacob Frank started developing the Canna guitar as part of his Bachelor thesis in industrial design he always focused on the functionality over the pure aesthetics. In other words, form follows function. For him to be able to design something in the true meaning of that he would have to first understand how it works. The major improvements in his designs were Sparked by constructional and functional improvements. However, it's not a one-way Street for him the form is in a Virtual indicator if something is well-balanced and functional.

Creating this guitar was derived from the idea of creating a unique and excellent sound instrument by recording every step along the way. The reiterating of the design so the sound of the guitar is improved and never ceased to amaze musicians. Most of the people would agree the most important aspect of a guitar is the sound, the reason why the sound is so unique in a canna guitar is that the round body creates a more lively volume compared to a square one. It reflects the sound waves created by the top more efficiently in then increases the response. This instrument also creates a loud enough sound so you don't need amplification to reach a broad audience.

They've been working on a technique to grind up the fiber so when they add water they will be able to spray it on the mold adding in several layers gives them a stronger body. The material shrinks up to one-tenth of its volume creating a very dense material. After a few steps of sanding, they will enhance the color with oil paint and drying the oil on the body

Hempstone is remarkable because if its strength and hardness it's comparable to wood, hard maple and ebony but without the artificial binders. It purely consists of hemp fiber and water nothing else is included, pigments minerals will be added to achieve the desired color.

We have composed a video of musicians playing the guitar and a few speed clips showing off the presentation of him building the hemp guitar you can find the entire series on his YouTube channel. There are thousands of things that we can replace in our day-to-day lives with this wonderful plant, that is eco-friendly, removes carbon dioxide from the air decreasing the amount of pollution all around in our lives.

play different

the ‘Canna Guitar’ is my approach to create a truly unique and avant-garde guitar that brings joy to look at and to make music with. Jakob Frank

The first step to combating the pollution problem is to start using products that are carbon negative they remove carbon from the atmosphere when you produce these particular products. We are working really hard to establish that Industrial Hemp products will be comparable in quality and sometimes even better and always make the prices Fair. Next time you're looking at an instrument maybe think about how it would look made out of hemp, how would it sound now that you can design it a little bit different? We would love to hear your ideas and what your opinion is about this wonderful product we hope you enjoyed the video and article. Thank you for stopping by.

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