Winners for the Guess the Color Game Day 151 by Mermaidvampire

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Hello, Steemheads!

It's time to share the rewards for Day 151 of the Guess the Color Game by @mermaidvampire. We have 52 people who joined the game and 29 people got the right answer which is RED print on box, but of course everyone got a little something because in this game there are NO LOSERS!

The earnings of this post will be shared by beneficiaries set by the author. Helping this post means helping the projects and causes supported by @mermaidvampire like the @cavampire Steem Apps Development and her Kidney Transplant fund. Thanks for the support!

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Prize Computation:

Prize pool too low. We will make it 0.5 Steem to be shared by all. We have a sponsor, @otom who gave 5 Steems, that is where we will get the prizes from when the payout is too little. I set the prize 0.350/0.150 because there are more winners than non-winners.

0.500 / 2 == 0.250 (Winners and Supporters Reward Pool)
0.350 / 29 == 0.012 Steem (Winners)
0.150/ 23 == 0.006 Steem (Supporters)

List of Winners and Supporters






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If you still have room to fill since one can vote 30 witnesses, please consider voting these witnesses because they are simply awesome!







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haha i didn't know they'd sell so many mcdonalds chicken like that!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winner! :) The STEEM adds up and is GREATLY appreciated! :) Thanks again and again @mermaidvampire for the contests and entertainment. :) You are GREATLY appreciated! :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

congratulations for the winner.
awesome contest.

wow!!! Thank You @mermaidvampire

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thank you :)

I am non-winner. It stated here that the non winner will still have 0.006, but I didn't receive any.

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Yes, I have not sent the prizes yet. Thanks for reminding me.