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Great update today!

Today we pushed out a great update. We’ve been working on this for the past month and put several hours of love in to it. The backend has received a full overhaul since the first version and should now be much more stable. We’ve included much more data that we collect. The frontend has been recreated with a responsive design to make the page look great on smaller devices. Let me tell you about these changes!


The page are now available over SSL and can be accessed at!
After the much talk about securing resources for Gridcoin, we can't ignore our obligation :)

Responsive Design

The menu will be redesigned in the next update to look better for computer users.
As you may have noticed, the page is now responsive. Because ~20% of our users are browsing the page with a device with a narrow display, we’ve been compelled to make the page look better for these users. There have been some sacrifices to make this change, the menu has been redesigned to comply with the new narrow screens. The data tables will hide some columns if the screen is to narrow, but will show if you turn the screen to fit them.

Network Traffic

The table for Network Traffic (staked Blocks) are now much slimmer. The table will load new blocks as they arrive to the network. The size of the data has been slimmed and should require less usage.

Transaction History

The transaction history for Addresses and CPIDs now has a uniformed design to the rest of the page. All transactions are collapsed per day and can be expanded by clicking on the row, or you can expand them all by clicking the link on the top of the table.


The Polls are now updated to be calculated correctly with shares. Monetary shares are calculated from the block that the poll was inserted.

More Graphs

The page has gained a bunch more graphs to visualize data.

The projects page

Details page now visualizes WUs, RAC and number of Users.

The CPIDs page

The CPID page now has graphs for historic RAC and Magnitude. We've had to reset the RAC history for all users with this update, but they are collecting up fast.

Network Stats

The main page now has two interesting images to visualize the price and client versions.

Change of links

There have been a few changes in the way we do our page URLs. Most of them have automatic redirects.

The Projects page have changed from project ID to project Name in the URL. This has not been corrected, please change your links if you link to a specific project page. The user will be redirected to the projects list page on an invalid link.
The link to World Community Grid for example is:

The Transactions and Blocks pages have been merged. Any links to the old Transactions page will be redirected to the blocks page. We’ve made a function that will expand the specific transaction on the block page if a TX is passed to it. This will be the same by automatic, for example this will look up what block the input hash belongs to and expand the transactions details for that hash.


You can off course pass block id to it as before like


Thanks for visiting us!

These are some of the many updates we've put into this update and we hope you will enjoy your stay at our page and find it worth using and helpful. We look forward to many more updates and an interesting future with the Gridcoin Community!
If you're new to Gridcoin, come by us and get some free Gridcoin from our Faucet.

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The table for Network Traffic (staked Blocks) are now much slimmer. The table will load new blocks as they arrive to the network. The size of the data has been slimmed and should require less usage.

I totally noticed this change recently, I created a couple new polls & they appeared pretty much instantly!

Great work @sc-steemit, keep up the great innovative work! :)

Looks great! I only have one suggestion: Would it be possible to centralize the page instead of being aligned to the left?

Otherwise, excellent work! This is the BOINC Stats for Gridcoin users :D

I thank you for making such a great page. I use it a lot to check my progress there because of the linked CPID+Mag page :)


You're very welcome :) Glad you like the page so much you use it regularly.
Yes, the page could be aligned in the center instead, and I guess it would look better that way. I will look into that on the next update. Thanks for your suggestion.

This is the BOINC Stats for Gridcoin users

Glad you understand the reason of the page :D
With the latest addition of graphs to visualize RAC we've moved one step closer to this goal as well.
In the future I will make it display the shares per project for the user as well, much like the netsoft-online page does.