How to Earn Gridcoin with Pool Research via

in gridcoin •  last year

New video by the Gridcoin channel, demonstrating how to set up the to work with the BOINC project manager to earn Gridcoin via pool research. Use your BOINC science research to earn yourself some Gridcoin and then trade for some Bitcoin, buy stuff with coinpayments or HODL and profit long term.

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I have been used it for a while and it works great. The only disadvantage of pool mining is that you lose voting power, but it is great for users with low gridcoin balance and low computing power.


A pool could build in a share of votes system as well. As more pools may show up there may be different options they give, one could be to be able to use the share of voting power.

It's only limited by the code.


I know, but that pool voting system will depend on the good will of the pool administrator.


They also take a cut of your earnings and, for what I gathered, prevent you from selecting what kind of jobs to run on a given project. I am not 100% sure on the latter, as I have never mined as part of a pool.

Solo from day 1.


True, and also Rosseta and yoyo cannot be mined with pools beacuse they do not allow creation of weak keys.

Unfortunately as I have old hardware, low balance and I only mine part of the day in winter, my staking times would be very long in solo mode.