Gridcoin Mining: Status for CW13

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Hi everyone,

Last week I started to pack my stuff and move to a new (temporary) home. Unfortunate , for the time being I will have less space available, and this means that two of my computers (the ones running Boinc 24/7) need to go offline. I will keep running my laptop that I'm using for the daily work, and I will urgently try to bring online the two Le Potato computer boards.

The plans are big: I'm starting to build a new house for my family, which will have some dedicated space for my Gridcoin mining ambition, and some solar panels to power my boards.

My numbers for the 13th week of 2018:

  • Magnitude: 7.44
  • Daily GRCs: 1.67
  • Wallet: 1384.87 GRCs
  • Time Since Last Reward: 2 weeks, 12 hours, 14 minutes
  • Estimated Research Owed: 24.29 GRCs
  • Estimated Interest Owed: 0.83 GRCs
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