[Foundation Proposal] 20k GRC for Sponsored Fund at Gridcoinstats.eu Faucet

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Voting for foundation proposal of 20k GRC for a sponsored fund at the Gridcoinstats.eu faucet.

Ending at 2017-01-29.

The meaning of this foundation expense is to supply the faucet with funds for extra rewards to community members visiting the faucet. None of the funds are going to the faucet itself, only to the extra rewards supplied to new members. A service the faucet supplies to the community for free.

The funds will go to:

  • 1-3 GRC per 24 hour
  • 20 GRC bounty rewards for new members

Security Measures

To prevent dishonest claims the site checks against a number of different possible angles someone might take. The page can also not be accessed via a Proxy, Tor Node, VPN or other service that might hide the readers IP.

Why Approve

This expense should be approved since it gives an easy way for the community to reward newcomers with a small token of appreciation once they get started. The site has many preventions against false claims and will aim to stay ahead of anyone trying to falsify claims.

In case of Declined or a Draw

If the community decides not to sponsor the faucet with funds for extra rewards there will be no more expense proposal for it. The faucet will however continue its existence and work on an open donation system for both base rewards and the extra rewards.

Please read attached document for more information Gridcoinstats Faucet Expense.pdf

Voting results

Foundation: New Campaign Sponsored Fund For Gridcoinstats.eu Faucet, 20k GRC

More information about the faucet at Steemit

GridcoinStats Faucet; Backed with rewards from a stable community

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