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RE: The Gridcoin SuperBlock on Linux Is Coming!

in #gridcoin6 years ago

This news in huge in so many ways. It solves two major issues with the current implementation; portability and team agnosticism, both of which are major milestones. This is going to both extend the number of clients eligible for producing superblocks AND opening up for removing the dreaded team requirement.

If there is a friday to celebrate it is this one.


The removal of the team requirement would need to be accepted by the community - or by Rob - and therein lines the problem: we had a vote previously and it failed last minute because a big whale or two swooped in and voted no. It's high time to get rid of that requirement, but I'm not too enthusiast about it happening until Rob comes on board and says it will happen.

Rob has already embraced it. It's now up to flipping a switch.

Do you have that in writing somewhere? He didn't vote for it in the poll under his real name - perhaps under one of his investor accounts.

It's on cryptocointalk, I shall try to find it :)

Now it is just a fight to see who gets the first SuperBlock :-)

I see a new competition coming up; Most Superblocks per team


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