Gridcoin Research v3.5.9.4 / MSI=42.8 - Leisure Wallet Upgrade

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Released on July 16, 2017

  • Fix neural network missing folder error
  • Fix speech bug
  • Added checkpoint



Thank you to @denravonska, and anybody else that chipped in. Tag yourself, and I will list you! :D


One windows node just auto upgraded, recompiling Raspberry Pi again :)

Upgraded via Upgrade menu on Windows GUI. No issues, all up to speed. Don't forget to update the IRC channel message, #peppernrino

if you mean for the newest wallet, it should update itself. use !latest command in IRC. :D

why two articles about the same topic? #erkan wrote one already.

truth be told, he kind of stole this update article posting from me... but no one can stop him from posting about the same things. he slacks on formatting and stuff so he can get it out a couple minutes faster. it's actually pretty pathetic and rude, but i'm sure that's just "my perception of things". :D


What stealing?

  • release info is of general interest, and I post not only on steemit, but elsewhere also, while you seem to only post here (reasons?)

Everyone can compare for the last few releases (until April) what was actually "stolen" by checking both:



you always leave out the context, you cherry-picking scab. i did it before you. stop being a fag, erkan. if at all possible. thanks. :D

i guess nobody can stop him. :)

there was a new superblock :)

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