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RE: Proposal: Gridcoin Community/Information Organisator

in #gridcoin2 years ago (edited)

This is an interesting topic @lennstar.

Could you provide us the analysis (surveys?) based on which you came to the conclusion that setting-up a Community/Information Manager role will benefit the coin and the community?

For example, do you have any evidence that people posting on Steemit or other platforms "reporting about any important stuff" dislike this and would prefer to hand it to the Community/Information Manager?


I linked my last post about the problems at the start.

I think you got a bit of misconception here. Volunteers are not supposed to hand over stuff to the organizer. Quite contrary. The organizer is supposed to point them to where ther eis something to be done that they wan to do.

But there is a lot of stuff that should be happen but does not. And that (prioritized by the community) is what should be done by the paid4.
And I am quite sure that would benefit the coin ;)

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