Gridcoin weekly project update - 13/Nov/17

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Here is another Gridcoin project stats update. Every week I look at the project chart developments and highlight an interesting aspect in the charts provided below. This week I’ll look at the overall developments between RAC and GRC in the last 3 months.

Three months ago, when I started to collect information for each whitelisted project, I assumed that there would be a linear relation between the Team RAC and the amount of GRC to earn. With this I mean that the more RAC the team would generate for a project, the less GRC you would receive per 1k RAC.

To confirm this, I compiled an overview of 23 out 25 whitelisted projects. Two projects were excluded because they moved from CPU to GPU mining during this period and it would give a distorted picture to include them.

The table below presents the following information:

  • The 23 whitelisted projects
  • The change in team RAC output for each project in the last 3 months
  • The change in GRC earnings for a system per 1k RAC for each project in the last 3 months

I was positively surprised about the results. Although the RAC output has increased with 45% on average for all projects, the GRC earnings per 1k RAC has only dropped by 5%. There are even 3 projects where both the RAC output and GRC earnings per 1k RAC went up. Unfortunately I can’t explain these results but I’m sure that there will be people in the community who can, so I’m looking forward to your comments.

And here are the charts for all projects, with the definitions per indicator at the end of the article.


  • Recent Average RAC = The total amount of RAC produced by all systems within the Gridcoin network.
  • Team RAC vs Overall RAC % = The proportion of RAC output team Gridcoin has produced as part of the overall RAC for the project.
  • GRC per 1k RAC = The amount of GRC you will receive for a system per 1000 RAC points.
    Example: You have a system which is running Rosetta@home with a RAC value of 3500. According to the chart on 30-Oct, you should gain 3.5 x 0.42 GRC = 1.47 GRC per day for this system.
  • USD per 1k RAC = The amount of USD you will receive for a system per 1000 RAC points.
    Example: You have a system which is running NFS@Home with a RAC of 4700. According to the chart on 30-Oct, you should gain 4.7 x $0.29= $1.36 per day for this system.


Thanks for reading and follow me for more BOINC & Gridcoin related articles.

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Nice analysis, but I have two things to add:

What do you mean by GRC earnings? Is it what you are earning per 1k RAC? Or the whole team, or one of the pools?

Consider adding thousands separators to your numbers. Or alternatively align them to the right with non-proportional font.


Valid comments, I have incorporated then in the article above.

Nice stats and so labour intensive. I used to do some similar statistics and as I was tired with labour I wrote some php scripts to do it instead. Did you think about automating the process and let it refresh on a website daily?


Thank you @hotbit.

Generating the stats is not so labour intensive anymore, I use AutoIt to fetch the data from the various websites and VB in Excel to compile it. After that it is a simple copy-paste action into Steemit. Writing a small story takes me more time.

Actually I already mentioned in one of my previous articles that I hope the information will appear in some form on because to me this is still our reference stat site for all Gridcoin related stats.