Got the Sapphire Badge for World Community Grid's Microbiome Immunity Project!

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Hi everyone,

I finally got the Sapphire badge for the Microbiome Immunity Project from IBM's World Community Grid. This is a badge that is awarded after performing 2 CPU-time years of contribution toward a project.

This is the new shiny badge I got:

The message I got in BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing):

And here are my stats as of now:

There's still no power in Puerto Rico where my 24-thread server is located, and even if there's power, there's a change there's no internet services, so my stats here doesn't show my contribution for that server. I hope the power and internet services gets restored soon!

These are the projects I've set to contribute and earn the rest of the badges:

My plans doesn't change. I will continue crunching to these projects and try to earn the next badges 😁

BOINC screenshot from my Intel i7-3610QM machine:

(Yes, also contributing to Moo! Wrapper.)

Vote me for Witness!

Give me your vote to show that you support a witness that also contributes on Distributed Computing projects. It's very easy to do. Just go to and enter my username moisesmcardona like the image below. Then, press the Vote button:

Read more about my Witness here

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that's one weird trail that voted my comment XD


XD Seems some people follows me when I vote 😂
BTW, you actually removed your vote when voting me as witness 😜


hmm, dunno what happened. Upvoted you again XD