Gridcoin Snapshot Generator r5 released!

18 days ago
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Hi everyone,

Today, I released Gridcoin Snapshot Generator r5.

For those who are new to this tool, this is a tool that creates a snapshot of the Gridcoin Blockchain. The software works as follows:

  1. It will first close the wallet properly to prevent corruption.
  2. It will launch 7zip and compress the txleveldb and the blk0001.dat file to either ZIP or 7z format.
  3. Optionally, create MD5, SHA256 and/or SHA512 checksums.
  4. Optionally, upload the snapshot and its checksums (if created) to Google Drive.
  5. Once the compression is finished, it will launch the wallet again.

With this release, it is now possible to select the date and time format, as seen in the picture below:

Hope you like this new version!!

Source Code:

Happily written in VB.NET :)

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  ·  18 days ago

Nice work mate :)

  ·  18 days ago

Thank you! :)