Tonight! On The Fireside Chat -- What, Why, and How We Crunch

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The Fireside Chat 21 - What, Why, and How We Crunch

Thursday, August 16th, at 8:00pm EST, Midnight UTC

Join us every Thursday at 8:00pm EST, Midnight UTC on the Gridcoin discord server for discussions on Gridcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DELTA.

This Week

This week we will be discussing the projects we crunch, why we crunch them, and what sort of rigs we're using.

Come share!

Gridcoin Discord Server

See you soon!

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What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin is an open-source blockchain that mints and distributes cryptocurrency in relation to the processing power a network participant directs toward data-driven analysis and scientific discovery. Currently, the Gridcoin blockchain is secured through a proof-of-stake protocol and monitors processing contributions to the distributed computing infrastructure, BOINC. BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, hosts major institutional computing projects such as IBM’s World Community Grid, SETI, and data from the Large Hadron Collider, alongside projects developed by students, enthusiasts, mathematicians, researchers, and citizen scientists.

Want to Learn More?

White Paper:

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