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RE: A guide to project selection and earnings estimation for Gridcoin

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Nice! One thing though, where can i find a random users RAC/MAG?

on the pools report page, there are only the top 100 mag for projects visible, and some projects are not visible in the top 100. for example odlk1 is not yet listed...
As this changes over time it would be nice to have a source for that information...


Use's project list here to look through the various members for different projects. At the moment the site appears to be on a fork so the data isn't 100% accurate.

Great! Thanks!

i'm in the process of writing a mining calculator based on this post. Do you know if the information on is available via an API? currently a i go with screen scraping, but an API would be much more convenient.
Additionaly are the statistics informations on the projects homepages available via an API as well? as with the other data i go with screen scraping currently and have realized that some projects do prevent screen scraping (yafu for example), and it's generally seen as offensive to do this.

Hi @holger-will.

I'm the developer of, known as startail in the community and going under the nick @sc-steemit here.

At present there are no public API access to the data on the page, but I have plans to make one.

Can you please specify what type of data you would like to be able to retrieve, either by posting a reply here or by sending me a message on, to the same nick as here.

Thanks for offering some help!

What i need is a random users RAC, MAG and GRC for each project, so i can calculate MAG per RAC for each project.

That's the information i get from your site. I store that information in an sql database, so won't need that information very often... maybe once per day or so. i don't know how often the MAG per RAC changes though...

Then i also need the projects statistics for rac by host. I don't know if you can provide that information or if it is only accessible on the projects homepage...

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