meet the man behind BOINC project: The Citizen Science Grid

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On Saturday, February 11th (9 pm GMT)
we're having a conference call with the person who runs the BOINC project


We have prepared questions here already

Read below how you can join over the software mumble:

See you there!


  • It's better to come earlier to the hangout place, so you can adjust your mic, ...
  • If you experience any kind of problems: check out our help channel on IRC
  • The minutes and audio file of this hangout session will be available here.
  • find interviews with other BOINC admins here: interview guide with BOINC admins


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See the questions template here: please add general questions there, so it can be used for next interviews. Post below questions specific to CSG. Thx

CSG was removed from the whitelist in November 2016.

What are the plans to bring it back onto the Gridcoin whitelist ?

see also:

see the related Gridcoin poll (until Feb 25):

Great work erkan, Im always interested to know if the projects could mine their own GRC to help with their funding.