Gridcoin hangouts: minutes and tasks

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You will find:

  • the minutes for the Gridcoin hangouts from now on here, and also 
  • the tasks community members mentioned in our conference calls (see here).

The motivation for "Gridcoin tasks" is:

  • that the mumble sessions don't just produce "hot air" (but you know that already, since the meetings bring transparency + make it easy to understand topics + give a regular summary of our activities)
  • bringing the ideas from all places (forum, audio calls, ...) together so people
  • * see them easily, and 
  • * can act on them faster

If you feel like you can help with/at a task:

  • e.g. there exist marketing tasks
  • tasks that will help future Gridcoin newcomers (see here), 
  • tasks with bounties (some of the bounties need to be still precised)), or
  • tasks which were identified to be on the official roadmap

just add your ideas or even note how/when you will realize it. See here all categories.

The "Gridcoin hangout minutes" are useful because:

  • search engines can lead people to the audio files which will help them understand Gridcoin topics much better

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After partially transcribing a few of the hangouts, we've got more than 40 active tasks!

Gridcoin tasks exist now since 2 days, and it was made more public to a wider audience 1 day ago:

we've already many people asking questions, replying, identifying/creating new tasks...

THANKS to all of you:
barton26, customminer, fkinglag, frank0051, Gunde, Pepperino, ravon, Scalextrix, TG13088 and Vortac

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view/click situation after 1 week: