Awesome article about Gridcoin, Steemit and Solarcoin on "ComputerBase"

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Dear Gridcoiners, Steemians and Solarcoiners,

great news: ComputerBase, a well known German tech- and computerwebsite, published a very positive article about Gridcoin, Steem and Solarcoin.This is great news, as Computerbase has a substantial traffic, currently it is ranked 181st in Germany!
The main gist of the article is a comparison of PoW-Coins to PoS-coins with a certain goal. It takes Gridcoin, Steem and Solarcoin as examples for different blockchain projects which aim at something greater than simple blockchian verification through PoS. Here is a rough translation of the core elements from the german article:


„Gridcoin is using an energy efficient blockchain to verify and manage their coins. The coins have to be earned through participation in scientific projects. The coins can be used for trading or to promote projects within BOINC. The projects supported by BOINC and Gridcoin are very calculation intensive, like the analysis of data from outer space or finding new cures to diseases.“

„Steem is a hybrid of social-media and blogging-plattform, on which every post can be „liked“ (similarly to facebook). With every upvote, the author gets rewarded with a certain amount of „Steem“. The curators get a share as well, as they contributed to promote quality content. The work you have put in as “mining” is thus no technical, but intellectual as blog-articles.”

“For every megawatt-hour produced, registered participants get one Solarcoin; no matter if private household or industrial producer (of solar energy). […] The project wants to incentivize the investment into solar cells and promote the expansion of the technology.”

They also explain the PoS-mechanic of the different blockchains, as well as the problem of PoW-energy consumption/waste. In total it is a really great article with solid research into the different coins.

Have a great day,



Ahh the holy trinity of crypto.. Atleast for me ;-)

Hey gregan,

yep, a well composed mixture! :)

That's good news!


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Have a nice day.

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Three of my favorite cryptos. How did they know??

I think if you research "Cryptos with a purpose" you'll encounter these quite quickly. Which is good, it means the word is spreading! :)

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