Gridcoin - The Notepad!

in gridcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

Got my Gridcoin notepad in the mail yesterday from Shutterfly. It turned out amazingly well considering I didn't have to optimize the image for print or anything.

Credit to @joshoeah for supplying the logo!

20180305_202535 (4) - Copy.jpg

Since the Gridcoin logo is so dark I will likely need a white ink pen to write on the notepad. Although I could probably write within the hexagon of the Gridcoin logo or within the "Gridcoin" text itself.


Have you had any Gridcoin themed items made?

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Very fancy, but why not write on the back of a page instead?

LOL good point, I had not thought of that

Often the easiest solutions get overlooked :D


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nice :D