I attended the 2017 BOINC Workshop & gave a short presentation on Gridcoin!

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I gave a presentation on Gridcoin on the 7th Sept at the 2017 BOINC Workshop in Paris, held at the Institute of Astrophysics.

It was very worthwhile attending, it was very interesting to listen to the presentations given by the multiple project administrators from projects such as CERN, WCG, CPDN, [email protected], NanoHUB, etc & the hackday was quite productive. Likewise, it was an excellent networking opportunity during & after each day's planned events; I had a great time and I look forwards to attending the next BOINC workshop in the future!

Have any questions about the presentation or the contents of the hangout? Please do comment below & I'll try to answer in a timely manner :)

Best regards,

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Well done, great to see the team and crypto represented at the heart of BOINC

Official drinking game: Drink every time I say "y'know?" ;D

I contemplated this - but I did not realise how high you hoped our alcohol tolerance was! =P

nice to share

Yo, what exchanges list Gridcoin? Seems like a good investment :)
Thanks for posting!

Bitshares, Bittrex, C-Cex, Poloniex, BitSquare, HolyTransaction.

And Openledger :)

Bitshares = the DEX = Openledger =)

Very well done!

Thanks for sharing:) I am new to Steemit and Crypto currencies and trying to learn as much about them as i can:) I followed you and upvoted as well:)

Got to tell you that it sure looks interesting, hopefully I can learn more about this coin.

If you have any questions, shoot. I would be happy to answer.

I have always thought BOINC would become the backbone for all gpu currencies.

Gridcoin is also CPU just so you know

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

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I remember making 2x profit on it,when it was pumped on bittrex

Worshop are always new way to learn new technolgy and learn more skills

Wow, that must have been a great experience for you. I am also planning to invest in gridcoin.


Sounds like a very interesting project. Would love to see how it really set out.

Nice to share

An upcoming cryptocurrency for the future thanks for sharing

Wow wow wow... but wait Paris. Unfortunately, I'm on Lyon 😭

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It would be better if you put the copied text in a block quote with a citation to the original site and then it wouldn't get flagged.

I am so much more grizzled than you. =P

Kudos to your patience.

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@steemcleaners Plagiarism

Source: http://gridcoin.us/

If you use proper quotation, I will unflag you.