Gridcoin Leisure Update Released

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This release is primarily aimed at helping exchanges resolve issues related to RPC lag times on large size wallet files. Regular users do not need to update from the previous release unless they really want to.

Download the update from GitHub here.

The Windows MSI can be downloaded here

Note that the in-wallet upgrader is still not working at this time. Please do not upgrade from inside the wallet!

Here are the release notes:


Fix wallet being locked while flushing. It now requires a clean shutdown
or a backup to migrate the wallet.dat to a different system, #1010 (@jamescowens).


Automatic backups can now be disabled by using -walletbackupinterval=0,
#1018 (@denravonska).
Trigger a fix spent coins check on start and after block disconnect, #1018 (@denravonska).

This update should help get most of our exchanges back up and running soon, but as stated previously, we do not decide when they open up deposits and withdrawals on their end.

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Fantastic stuff! Keep up the good work, thanks. Can't wait to get my new found coins off exchanges so I can put them to work staking. :)

UPDATE: The windows MSI is now available from

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You even confirmed my question about the exchanges before I asked it! That's some quick work. :p

Great work! Thanks for getting this done for the exchanges

Probably not uncoincidentally, my magnitude started reading zero and my wallet stopped staking the same day this update came out. Updating has not fixed the issue.

Try running execute beaconstatus in your debug console and see if it says "FAIL".

"Magnitude (As of last superblock)" : 0.00000000,
"Warning" : "Your magnitude is 0 as of the last superblock: this may keep you from staking POR blocks.",
"Errors" : "Public Key Missing. ",
"Help" : "Note: If your beacon is missing its public key, or is not in the chain, you may try: execute advertisebeacon.",
"Configuration Status" : "FAIL"

Okay. So apparently this update disappeared the public key from my configuration? Or something?

No, beacons last for 6 months and then have to be resent. Try opening your debug console and entering execute advertisebeacon to readvertise your beacon in the Neural Network. Note that this must be done every 6 months. Do not lose your beacon keys!

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Really how hard is it to update/change the URL that the internal upgrade drop down feature uses since every new release gets named gridcoinresearch.msi and seeing as suddenly the older versions are being archived of the ftp @ ? This has been broken for 6 months and 1 simple line of code to update? Hell I guess I will go edit it and clock 1hr after I submit a commit , although you will ignore it and then do it and take the pay and thats BS like ignoring my seednode fix just to replace the BS dead and redundant DNS entries when I did not even use my own full nodes in the code change , I used NeuralMiner , ifoggs and Chickenman's and was rejected/ignored... That is an issue , if its a community project and open to everybody to be a part of it and you guys ignore help from anyone other than your little back room slack dev channel posse. That is an issue and Gridcoin's ethics need to change or you guys need to grow some. I am going to go check net.cpp as I assume its in the same damn file.. If not , ill go dig it out.. Look for that 1hr log and I will expect my 1hr @$30 or is someone waiting till its $60hr because its not important for all features to work ?
Did you know some people whom are into Gridcoin do not pay attention to any of the chosen dozens
of applications and websites like " steemit/ " let alone github and the list goes on and they do not associate with the rest of the community just to name a few websites that the community uses and posts to along with freenode/snootnet or the up and running dedicated Gridcoin ircd that has been donated to the community so that we can fix the current leadership dictatorship and personalty motivated biased antics and lack of ethics along with the" rules when we want them " and " not part of the posse screw them " and letting their own personal feelings get in the way and " I don't personally like him/her and/or what they say so lets remove them and try to mute them " antics. We saw that with Erkan , myself and its constantly done on posts and comments to hush the back end issues within Gridcoin.
Media and posts and info is to far spread out , that was just a quick search of " barton26 gridcoin fixes " and there are 100s more that people use that are apparently unknown as we had a " Casual Poll: Favourite Communications Platform? " did not include them and that poll did not help us narrow down and select and compromise on a choice as to what we use to try and be a team , communicate as a team and encourage and help each other as a team. Unless it was because the poll had a typo as its " Favorite " unless this was like color/colour and made the poll invalid. We still have the dev communication as a small clique hidden in private in backroom channels/mediums and need to narrow it down... Why don't we setup like steemd and an official Gridcoin website with guides/instructions and all communication could be ran and stored on the Gridcoin blockchain vs splattered all over the Internet? If you do a quick audit of you can see the majority of the Gridcoin clients just setup the wallet and do not associate or care to use one of the dozens of sites by looking at his share of the network and the client versions going back to " Nakamoto: " with a large majority still running " Nakamoto:3.6.3(317.1999) " and " Halford:3.7.3(317.0) " or "Halford:3.7.0(0)" and if I remember since its constant new versions with 1-2 lines of code changes the above mentioned currently running clients we have had mandatory updates that require a newer version that what appears to be running on the network. We need a feature ( yes going to github next ) that sits within the current green vertical bar with the green up arrow for " staking " and " up to date check mark " that is for client version update notification not just blocks that is " Green " for currently running a client version that is within the latest release since a mandatory has been put out notifying that you must upgrade for your wallet to work and receive Gridcoin and informs if you are running a release that is either current or far behind. Yellow for " your client will work but there has been a large number of leisure upgrades and you are falling behind and you are at risk of your client version not being compatible with the current versions and " Red " for you are running an incompatible client and will not receive payment for processing work. Along with since we have popup's notifications for payment we need a popup for new releases and like most every other application built to run on Windows put under " help " check for an upgraded version " that checks the current running client and the current version and gives the option to upgrade when a new version is found... Like how AMD/ATI and Nvidia does their new driver upgrade check and offers a list of newer client versions that have been released since what the end user is currently running. The reason it would not just be an option for the latest is that things break especially if upgrades are rushed so its not always best to be running the current version so it gives the end user options.. Additionally this feature could be used with testnet and when the client daemon is running on testnet it offers " beta " releases and we could even just use a check mark for " include betas ". Just trying to help the community as a whole and not just the irc/steem/slack users because many people do not care to communicate and chat with and befriend any of us and just happen to crunch Boinc projects and earn Gridcoin and just have everything setup and a life that does not include social media and irc ( or people get banned , and I have apologized to everybody for what I said and here I will do It again as I was in the wrong and I was wrong to have said what I said , or call people what I did and I should not had lowered myself to both NeuralMiner and/or our leader Customminer's level even if his leadership skills are extremely personal agenda motivated only ) that are just part of team Gridcoin not by choice but because they have to be to earn Gridcoin and could care less to deal with the drama and childish biased leadership BS antics.