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The Story

Harold is a young Computer junkie who dabbles in cryptocurrency who meets Sara working at the local gaming store. Unfortiometly before their first big date she comes down with an incurable disease that's still in the experimental phase of any type of treatment.

Harold finds out that the missing element is computational power, and springs an idea on his friends to add her disease to the Gridcoin whitelist.

Unfortiometly they don't have a system in place to create work units, so Harold, his friends and Sara begin a cross country trip to unit a computer programmer with the Doctors to create Work Units.

It's a comedy, but with the reality that Sara is facing her mortality.

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Yeah I like it, you could also do a sci-fi one that starts with SETI finding the message, then a small advance force of bad aliens arrive to soften us up for colonization, with new viruses they try to cull the population and we need cures.

Trying to shut down technology is the aliens other core strategy to send us back to the stone age, the only way to beat them is to crack their comms so the Enigma team repurpose and other projects step up to find ways to build new ways to distract/defeat the invaders.

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