Preparing the greenhouse for winter to grow crops all year long

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We have received our first snow of the year and it is time to begin preparing the greenhouse for winter. We have winter crops planted in the greenhouse and will provide supplemental heat all winter long with a heat sink. This is a bit of an experiment for us, but we expect to be able to grow food all year long with this greenhouse and our traditional soil garden.

Our winter prep consists of adding a second layer of plastic to the sidewalls. The plastic is separated from the existing side wall layer with some lumber. This creates a dead air space between the two layers and provides much better insulation against the cold than that of what a single layer would create.

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I admire this greenhouse. I live in a tropical country and we have no problems with winter. Our problem is the excess rainfall that occurs in some months of the year. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your beautiful plants that will now be in a safe and warm place. A cordial greeting @smallblockfuelie

Have you used a raised Mittleider soil bed to help with the excess rainfall you have? The raised soil beds are easy to make and only require your own soil and labor to make. The raised bed allows for drainage of the bed and keeps enough roots out of water that the plants will survive even torrential down pours.

I have never tried to make that raised soil bed. I have to read first to know how. Thanks for your suggestion

Hello Hello!

Wow! Very interesting your video, I never thought I'd see one😆

Greetings from Venezuela ♡

Wow, Venezuela! That is a long ways from here. Greetings.

Don't let winter beat science!

Let the food bloom!

nice setup!

Thank you. This is our first winter with it operational and will be testing it extensively.

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