Poll:51 Do you Think we should all drive Electric Vehicles?

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As we are becoming more aware of global warming and that the effects are starting to be more noticeable with rising ocean levels and temperatures combined with the melting of our polar ice caps and now we have such a large selection of electric vehicles at our disposition do you think we should stop using gasoline based carbon emitting vehicles?

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Poll:51 Do you Think we should all drive Electric Vehicles?

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#Poll:51 Do you Think we should all drive Electric Vehicles?

heh only one day away and it piles up lol ...

well i think we should all be able to rely on public transport and abandon private cars completely for anything but hobby purpose

and trains and busses, metros be electric, not diesel hahah

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I think we should all drive electronic vehicle.Because If we have an electronic vehicle, we will get rid of environmental pollution

Your thoughts are so good. You ask a lot of beautiful questions. Which gives me many experiences

Yes we should. This will help us to reduce pollution @theopinion

Of course! We should do everything in our power to delay the inevitable doom of our planet.