Today is a day of relaxation and celebrations in Greece!

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Today in Greece we have a national holiday.

We celebrate the national uprising of the Greeks against the Ottoman Empire.

In the reality the revolution began a few days earlier but King Otto established it on March 25 to link it to a great religious feast that is today the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. As today Virgin Mary became pregnant and on December 25 she gave birth to Christ.

And here we are in relax mode and we are enjoying your coffee...



Years of good for all...


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Thank you very much

ok i was wondering why the birth is being celebrated in march :)
but great weather btw!

we celebrate the day when the mother (Virgin Mary) of Jesus Christ was pregnant and it is today.
Οn 25 December we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
I hope you understand me because my english is not very good. :)

It is good that we remember the sacrifices of the past and the heroism of those who bought our freedom with their blood. The day is to be enjoyed, but, we should also take the time to ask ourselves, those heroes who died for us, if they are watching, how do they feel as they see us willing to give up our religion and country (back to the ottoman empire)...not because of wars lost, but because we appointed a traitor to run Greece and we no longer have the balls to stop him.

These may be the last days for wondering, for soon it will be too late.

You are so right!!!! from your mouth and from God the ear... (Όπως λέμε στην Ελλάδα από το στόμα σου και στου Θεού το αυτί) :)