A smiley food with rice and red sauce! 😊

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I cut the meat into small pieces and I cook it in hot olive oil... I remove the meat and I add thyme to the oil that burns to flavor it... I put the green peppers finely chopped and then the onion with the garlic... I turn off with vinegar and add honey to balance the taste...
I put the meat and I add finely chopped fresh tomato with some hot water... salt and pepper and let the sauce be cooked...
In a small pot boil water with a spoonful of salt, I add the rice in a rice-water ratio, one in two! In about 12 minutes it's ready and I add some olive oil!

✒Enjoy... With Love by GLadiaTOM...

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Whoever is sitting at that second place at the table is very lucky to have such a great cook preparing the meal!


I feel lucky that I can make the people I love happy with my cooking!

Oh gosh that loooks really yummy and thats one happy smiley face hehe.

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Γειά σου "GladiaSef"....!!! Αυτά έχασα ρε γαμώτο που δεν "προχώρησε" το "πράγμα"....!!!

Είσαι καλλιτέχνης μάγειρας!!! Είναι πάρα πάρα πολύ ωραίο το πιάτο-ξυλο (δε ξέρω και πως λέγετε)... :)))