How To Balance Your Greed Gene With Your Giving Gene: An Addict's Perspective

in greed •  10 months ago

Greed is in every one of us.

Greed is a human thing, I think. You don't see a King Squirrel out in nature, forcing all the other squirrels to work for peanuts, while the King gets to enjoy the fruits of the servant squirrels. Animals just don't hoard the way humans do. I am not advocating for a society where everyone gets equal amounts, but I am advocating for rich people to examine their greed and make some modifications. I think decentralization and crypto are the tools to make this change, but I do see some repeating greed patterns even in crypto. I see just as much if not more wealth hoarding in crypto. Luckily, in Planet Steem, we have SP, which helps us balance our own greed, as we get to see how our votes make a difference in other people's lives. Thanks Dan, for thinking of this, it's the primary tool that can bring about a revolution.

Some people are excessively greedy, while others are excessively giving. It's a strange thing to discover this kind of diversity in human nature.

I think our culture idolizes greedy people. But what is greed?

It's a bit taboo to admit the truth about your greed. I have greed in me, I recognize it. But I will be honest here, I have never wanted to be filthy rich, mainly because I was given everything I needed as a child. I had a very comfortable upbringing and never had any struggles of a financial kind.

Being an early adopter has allowed my account to grow in ways that I would think unimaginable. I was greedy in the beginning, it's true. I was posting 2 times a day like my life depended on it. That first summer when I found Steemit and my posts were trending all the time, I was in a state of disbelief.

I kept asking myself, "How can this be real?"

I acted out of fear of it running out, as I continued making posts....about everything. Fear of the money running out was the fuel that propelled me to blog and be on this platform ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Because running out of money meant that I would have to go back to working at corporations, the dreaded 9-5 jobs that I struggled for a decade to get out of.

This is what I feared that I would have to return to: crappy bosses...I made this video when I still had a job, and I was humiliated constantly at the dealership where I sold cars:

You can buy my book, Un-Crap Your Life on Amazon, or I can send you a paperback copy for 3 SBD (free shipping). i have 9 copies of my paperback book at my house that I could send in the mail to you.

I saw this as winning the lottery, as I had been a blogger, writer and artist for most of my adult life, literally making pennies from YouTube, Amazon and my own blog. My weird sense of humor just didn't get clicks. And a lot of my stuff was too intellectual as well, which required people to read......haha....that kind of content was just too complex, and didn't generate ad clicks, because what i was making was not click bait.

But back to the greed.

I started to notice my hoarding tendency emerging once i started making decent money here. I wanted more. I thought that if I could make more, I'd never run out of money. It was like fear began to replace the joy. Fear of losing it all began to take over. I think this is a natural thing that happens, and that I have to be careful about.

I noticed I was getting complacent too. This is also a problem. Growth stops when complacency comes to bed.

What I am trying to say is this: I am greedy but I have found ways to manage it. I found the abundance gene within me, and when i start to notice my greedy and fearful side emerge, I look for people to give SP to. I am actually doing for myself, as a balancing act........this is why I don't think of myself as generous. If you just could understand that I am getting addicted to giving, you would also understand that I am not an angel. I am learning to balance my greed, that's all.

I have become addicted to giving, and Steem has given me the tools to indulge in this new addiction. People think of me as a "generous person" because I talk about the Gift Economy and I do give out my SP freely. But to be honest, I am not as giving, or as generous as others like @steem4depoor or @ackza. They are really unselfish in their approach.

The reality is that I am not a very sentimental person. I am cloaked in numbness, and greed. When I find people who are unselfish, I feel compelled to help them because I know they are better than me. Also, I am addicted to the feeling I get when I give out my SP to people who really need it. But it's the feeling that I am addicted to.

I do want to change the world in radical ways. No, I don't want a lambo, but I keep having a recurring fantasy of me driving my own Tesla, and being ripped........I sometimes feel I am meant to buy a castle and have a group of creative people live in the castle with me. I imagine these things a lot. I think they are possible.

It was dreaming that got me this far, and now I have to dream bigger....

The biggest mistake people make is not being themselves, and trying to copy someone else. My best advice to you is to treat Planet Steem like it was a company you owned. How will you bring value to your own company? What unique skills do you have to add to it? That's what you need to ask yourself.


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My parents have always taught me to give and God with give back to me in return . When you do a good deed , good comes back to you. I won’t expect it from others but God sends it to me through people .

I realized that money is not everything , it’s temporary happiness , when you have what u want , you always want more

i just read an article in pshychology today about the altruistic gene, came out awhile ago about how some people are instinctual in caring more about others than themselves.

They think it's because at the beginning of evolution parents would get eaten by other mammals and someone had to take care of the kids.

But it's a good gene to have.

I love this.
I just got charged up....
The biggest mistake people make is not being themselves, and trying to copy someone else.
I think I've been really guilty of making this mistake and immediately I read that line. Something pricked me.
Thanks a bunch for this message.
It's really timely...

anyone in this world must have greed,
but the level is different depending on the person who controls it.
but for the current rulers and milyoners, greed is a common thing we see, and I consider it now human nature. @stellabelle

From everything you said, it seems as though, everybody undergoes a similar journey on steem. the fear of the whole thing stopping because it sounds too good to be true but then, that journey is limited to those who have something to offer coupled with the tenacious hunger to make money out of it. The truth is money is a big motivation for what people do here. it's only wrong when money is the only motivation.

As for greed, I think greed is in everyone of us, even GIVING is GREED and this is the reason why:

I give , mosttimes, because it gives me an inner sense of satisfaction that I invented a sincere smile on someone else's face as a result of my giving and that kind of invention has a bigger sense of satisfaction than many other materialistic inventions. So , i suppose that it is same for everyone.

I hope that one day, I will grow as much as you have and therefore be able to do some of
my fantasies like you talked about in your previous post.


The age old truth - slow and steady wins the race, eventually the audience who wants to find your brilliant work will find it but you also have to go helpo them to find you - so you have to save them from having to steadily wade their way through a lot of the fluff on top of the pile

edit: did i mention, I was blown away by your brilliant work? Glad to find your blog.

@stellabelle - True. Greed did drive me - not for making money but for a desire to make my vote count more. Somehow, voting a few pennies did not feel right. The sudden rise in steem price changed that and I am happy. I am trying to upvote as much good content as possible in whatever limited time I am able to devote. Hope it helps in some way.
Thanks for discussing this intriguing topic.


The reality is that I am not a very sentimental person. I am cloaked in numbness, and greed. When I find people who are unselfish, I feel compelled to help them because I know they are better than me. Also, I am addicted to the feeling I get when I give out my SP to people who really need it. But it's the feeling that I am addicted to.

You just proved you are the very definition of honest.
Also, I think most people would be so much better off if only they could do what you did here, so masterfully.

By disclosing your truth - which is the selfish part- you disarmed me, totally. I adored you as I read your words because it is so easy to lie but much harder to be honest like you have been. By revealing your truth - the tiny selfish part- you make us (your readers) instantly love you - because humans are humans and we all fight the greedy urges that truly control our actions.

By looking your greed squarely in the face and revealing it to us-your awestricken audience- you make us vulnerable WITH you. It takes major GUTS to not wear your best mask. It really does. I am utterly in love with your style. Aren’t we all? Obviously, you lead a massive group of whimsical women and beautiful mermaids but also... the men are trailing behind you in awe because you have the courage to speak of what is truly at the center of your intention.
Then to really make it a show stopper - you give of yourself - to sort of mitigate the pressure your feel from your own selfish center- and guess what. That is exactly the same reason ANYONE gives freely- and you are one of the few people who are honest enough to admit it or able enough to even SEE this shortcoming most humans have.

You are gifted in that sincere approach to things. It’s a beautiful thing to witness, woman.✨It’s just beautiful. ✨

Um.... the end.
‼️Oh wait! I actually was hoping to sneak a little link in here to my latest 2 posts - because I really want you to read about my tragic shit and feel a pang of empathy for my life. I was going to lie, but in the spirit of your style, here is the truth. I hope you will read about my deceased husband and my little guy and be so moved by my story the powers that be will inspire you to use your magical selfish/selflessness on me. Thats truth. I was about to disguise it in a sweet lie, but I am sure you can taste the bitter flavors or non-truth from a mile away. My honesty in this last paragraph is frightening me. What have you done to the “me” that usually pretends so welll?

I love how you change me into the real me. It freaks me out a little. You do that. 🤟🏻👩🏻‍💻🦄🦋🍀

Please read my last 2 posts- even though I won’t be linking them here (I am still undecided on whether or not it’s rude to include links like that, and I am lazy. I hope you will click my name and check out my latest posts. It would literally make my entire month to have you stop by to see my latest. Pretty please with a pickle on top?) 🥒
With so much love and admiration for your honesty and true beauty, Lori Brown
Ok. The end. ❤️ You are going to click my name now right? 🙈


wow. i need to turn you into a little genie in my pocket and bring you out when i feel like shit.
I learned from the master, James Altucher, as he was my mentor for a few years.
He taught me how to spill my guts publicly. I would not be as honest if i had never found his blog.

It is natural to be greedy,infact almost everyone i know is greedy even babies.
Greed is the other of the day.The rich keep getting richer and the poor becoming poorer.
Ironically in most cases the poor keep helping the rich get richer while the rich dont care.
Its survival of the fittest.
Thanks stellabella,hope to have a more balanced society.

This is really timely in a world of resource imbalance. Keep it up dear.

Greed is a real set back to uplifting the human altruistic act.
Glad to hear that Steem is revealing the philanthropic nature of human.

The biggest mistake people make is not being themselves, and trying to copy someone else. My best advice to you is to treat Planet Steem like it was a company you owned.

Absolutely correct.
When you are having fun doing it, it's no longer work again

hey stellabelle
great post

can i get your skype id
or email id
for some biz work



what kind of work? Can i please have some details. i don't give out my Skype to strangers.


just want some video training about steemit ( paid work)

my skype id ( ezzaky.jv)


Maam @stellabelle you just don't know how much changes you made me and I thank you a lot for the changes that I have at Steemit now and this because of you.. You left me up as well as you've left up the every Filipino.. I just continue what you started by means of Sharing Steemit to the every Filipino which I share Steemit to them. Now we grow up as Steemit Diversify Team Nationwide that started from two people only which its vission and mission is to change the life of every Filipino which you have changed me and Im so proud of you that you have not only changed me but as well as the life of those people that I have invited to join steemit... And this would not happend if not because of you @stellabelle @ackza @teamsteem.. Yes Im that Homeless Steemit Mother that now gives opportunity and Hope to those people who wants to Join Steemit.


I was nearly homeless, pregnant and barefoot back in 2009 so I get it. It sucks so bad. I will never allow myself to forget it.

when i heard greed i remember this quote :“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

My greed level is that i feel like getting the world finances stored up in my account and distribute them to people.....😁. I think i need to begin to deal with that now. Thank you

A little story with your post, love it. " It was dreaming that got me this far, and now I have to dream bigger...."

You're exactly right, it's the only way to continue personal growth. The Gift economy has broad implications, and I remain hopeful it will change many people's perceptions and actions towards Greed.

Much like the sharing economy, the Gift economy is a tool that we can use to better society, at micro and macro levels.

Thanks for sharing.

I love the sincerity in every line... This is very real and deep. Food for thought.

"The biggest mistake people make is not being themselves, and trying to copy someone else. My best advice to you is to treat Planet Steem like it was a company you owned. How will you bring value to your own company? What unique skills do you have to add to it? That's what you need to ask yourself."

I totally agree with this question!

Thank you for sharing this @stellabelle! it is interesting to read your background - it is very interesting to read. I definitely would like to buy a paper back of your book too, I love reading and try to get through a book per week so I'll give it a crack. I can message you my shipping details on Discord if that works?

I agree that we are all greedy to some extent, but we also should give back when we can - I really liked the part of this post where you talked about blogging out of fear of money running out, something that I have not experienced but is easy to imagine.

Currently, I'm starting up an incubator for newcomers to Steemit or people who may not be hugely active, due to not earning many rewards. The plan for the incubator is to find 5-10 posts manually per day from people who aren't earning much, but are posting excellent content. Each week, I will do a post showcasing the best posts that I found that week, and I will split the earnings of that post between myself and the people who I upvote!
I am looking for anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 SP to get the incubator started, and I also have a graphic designer on board who will be able to offer their skills for free a couple of times a month for beginners on Steemit. If this is something that you are interested in, let me know and I can send you over some more details. Thanks again for sharing!


yes, contact me on Discord. I am @Stella in there.


Thanks, I just did!

I understand the fear of “losing everything” or the idea that it may run out. Unlike you, I didn’t have security growing up and so I do tend to seek “pretty things”, to collect stuff that makes me feel like I have security. I love shiny, beautiful objects, I’m such a girly girl in that sense and even look for status symbols to show the world that I’ve finally “made it” as if I have something to prove.
It’s not something I’m honestly proud of but I am kind of enjoying a new found freedom and I don’t want to beat myself up about it. I guess I’m allowing myself these indulgences, for now.
I still give. I’d do anything for my family and friends and I hold them close, keeping my circle tight. To me, loyalty is everything.
What’s the point of having affluence if you can’t share it with those you love?
I just think balance is important and I think it’s something that is always in flux.
Thanks for this blog and for reminding me to check myself and where I stand in terms of greed and giving and the fear that it may one day all slip away.
Cheers Stella Belle!

Truly post
Greed is that element of society that makes the society to its worse and a culture of hate.It directs people to hold money and wealth into their hands and not helping the poor ones.It generates the race of making money by immoral and false means and negate the right standards of wealth.It should only be replaced by the virtue of giving only

Greed also known as Avarice is an inordinate or insatiable longing for unneeded excess, especially for excess wealth, status, power, or food.

a very realistic article.I will read more in the evening.we have to learn to be happy with little things

I agree that there has to be a balance between thinking about yourself (greed) and others(compassion for the lack of a better word in my vocabulary). I think may be you need to have your basic needs met in order to find the abundance gene. It is hard to give / think of someone else on an empty stomach! Having said that I also think those who do not have a lot are often more willing to share the little that they have with others than many who have a lot. May be it's because when you have experienced what it's like to have very little, it is easier to connect with those in similar situations. I think Steemit does enable everyone to give something to others which is wonderful! I will try to give the little that I can and I think we will all make a difference :)

I think that greed is, as you say, a human condition but the fact that you/one is aware of the greed trap means that it can be balanced.

Our world operates on the premise of scarcity which makes it easier to control folks ~ but, in reality, there is plenty to go around.

Sharing and giving is fun.

And I have a few Steemit philanthropic projects I am cogitating upon at the moment which I hope to bring to the table once I have a louder voice.

With love.



once I have a louder voice

You have a voice now. Use it, don't wait. Waiting is death.


Appreciate your virtual boot up my backside!


Time to crawl out from under my rock and reach out.


Addiction may be to harsh of a word. Balance is key, I know what you about working for a car dealership, I did that to, and was very good at my job. The sheer amount of lying they did on a daily basis caused me to leave.

I saw in the news that facebook put a ban on crypto advert and i got scared. So many thoughts started running through mind like what if cryto is banned, Steemit is banned and i have not even made a penny? I was just running home to start my hoarding skills, fortunately i saw this post. Haha

Thanks for sharing this, although i'm still going to hoard 😀.. But then i have to learn how to balance myself before this greed over takes me..

@taskmaster4450 presents a very compelling article under his Do You Have An Abundance Mindset???? STEEM Is Providing, Why Do You Fret?

He talked about how we in our before Steem lives we have the scarcity mindset. We try to acquire as many things as possible, It was all Me, Me Me!! Mine!! Mine! Mine!!

All actions were usually done with a WIFM mentality. Letting go of Fiat is hard even electronically. As much we see a lot of Gofundme and Kickstarter campaigns that were successful we saw more that did not get any mileage or support.

This is why for our own charity work we are using Steem as the first step in modern crowdfunding and ultimately getting the Aeta community an opportunity to have better lives through education and their own livelihood program so that they are not limited to waiting for the non existent Government budget nor the help from the occasional NGO.

It is our hope that Steemit will pave the way for their abundance.

It is true most people when they joined Steemit was in it for the money and as cliche as it now sounds Join Steemit for the rewards, stay for the community.

A lot of people find their niche in adopting a pay-it-forward attitude and a gift economy mindset. It is far easier now to click on that upvote for a cause, to delegate SP to people that you support their advocacy, to give so much and not worry because there is abundance here in Steem.

Very good article, I understand greed up to a certain point actually. When I see people who are wealthy making even more money, sometimes it shocks me. So many people have nothing. Yet, it's the world that wants that. Here, I believe that on Steemit, there are good people who are there for the sharing of wealth, and that's really a good thing. Of course, some are thereonly for the money, of course I too would like to have but not at any price. I have a virtue: patience (it helps ^^).

yea greed is in everyone but only emerges when there is enough cash, we all have a good and a bad feature in us but as we know they cant happen at the same thing, that is, humans becomes generous when poor and greed when rich.

meanwhile you are good at comedy and cinematography too, wow...!
multi talented stella

Wow! so many lessons in a single post. I think you just described your past, present and future @stellabelle in a single post!

Greed is definitely a human thing. Once you get something good, you tend to want more and more of it without caring for others who might just want a portion of what you have to be happy.

As for your future it sure sounds cool. A castle with creative minds living in it...that is a good dream.

Intriguing @stellabelle I was seeing greedy whales the first time I joined steemit, of course there are people play with crypto's for fun but also there are othe ones who use steemit to pay their bills , I felt a bit envious I said to myself no one will upvote your work because you're not a whale no one willing to get your attention and this gets me frustrated and this pushed me to quit.
Now am back on my track I will write about what I love just for joy of doing what I love, whether I got upvotes or not I will continue.

Nice thoughts..
I have been reading again and again

Wow. This is an amazing perspective that shows the greed in us all and helps to solve the problem by advocating that we do more by giving and adding value.

The solution to overcoming greed, I believe is admitting that one can get unnecessary greedy. We need to focus our energy into improving others and not just getting for ourselves.

Thanks for sharing @stellabelle

we always have goals in life, sometimes we make a lot of ambition I always want to dig more, I always want to dig more...
but that's why life conditions are very difficult @stallabelle

I often wonder how much is enough...? There are basic things me and my fam need like a new mobile, a battery for my laptop... A car and a house, I feel I cam get those things thanks to STEEM in a not so far future, but then which chellphone? Which car? Which house? And then what? Is this the chicken that lays golden eggs?
I have been inviting wonderfull people to steemit, I have friends who run asociations that are trying to help people, making parties for poor children, education for adults who have nothing, taking care of the old... But they simplyy don't open an account! And that makes me mad sometimes x.x
Steemit is as wonderful so people thinks is a scam I guess :s but they don't even try, that's the saddest thing.
I am glad my latest invited is rocking so hard she can say goodbye to some worryings :)

Wow..this is superbeautiful idea..keep on sharing more @stellabelle. It is great to see you share such idea with us

The problem with the world as we know it GREED...those with power want more... Those with money want more... Everybody keeps wanting More... Im a possessive person but i have come to understand that it feels good to give... It makes me feel useful when i give... And frankly its less stressful

Good post @stellabelle

Love this so much!

If you just could understand that I am getting addicted to giving, you would also understand that I am not an angel. I am learning to balance my greed, that's all.

I think that is a place that a lot of us can see ourselves. I get kudos for @thefreshfive, but the truth is, and I have always been transparent about it, I am looking for people who I can come back and get a curie vote for later. So there is a reward for me in finding new people who show promise.

It is finding a place where you are self serving, but also serving others that is the fabled "sweet spot". I'm probably still too much on the greedy side, though I try to give where I can. It was easier when STEEM and SBD were valued at $1.00 and it didn't feel like I was giving away too much to have a 20 SBD contest.

I think, for me at least, being on the right path is "good enough for now". I know where I want to be, and am trying to be the better person. I won't always succeed, but there is value in at least making the effort...

Hi @stellabelle :) I really have a need to thank you for this post because you just cheered me up, made my day and gave me a fate that there are still nice people who can contribute to this community in a very honest and nice way. I am really sensitive person and since I came here on Steemit couple of weeks ago I found myself really bipolar, sad and curious at the same time. Why? Because I tried to figure what is my purpose here on Steemit and who I need to be to have at least some kind of success. I was struggling and doubting about my posts thinking that I am bad writer and so many other things. I also was thinking to quit this but as I like to write I just stayed and tried to be positive about it. You really inspired me with this and I felt every word you said. Thank you for sharing this post, because of it I will continue in my own way no matter how the results will be :) ... and I like this advice about running your own company, I will take it seriously now :) Sorry for this long comment. Sending hugs :* :)

As per my experience and after being deceived by so many people in the real world, I found that there are four levels of a human being.

Level 1

People in this category don't think about their self-interest rather they help other people without receiving anything in return. A perfect example of this was Abdul Sattar Edhi, a Pakistani philanthropist who, throughout his life, helped other people. He had more than a billion dollars in his bank account but you know what, he had only one shalwar kameez to wear. He used to wash them, press them and wear them again! I believe his name is still in the guinness book of world record for having the largest ambulance network in the world. Do read about him in your free time!

Level 2

People try to become rich and want self-growth without hurting or deceiving anyone. They work hard, want to earn money for their family but they don't do anything bad to the society or people around them and remain focused to achieve their goals.

Level 3

These people work hard too, want self-growth and strive hard to become rich but they don't care about other people. They just think about themselves, deceive and hurt others to get more and more wealth for their own self-interest! I call them animals (Janwar in Urdu

Level 4

This level consists of assholes, people who don't get anything in return by harming or deceiving others but they still do this. They get inner satisfaction by deceiving people, seeing people losing their money/family and they do it consistently. We call them Darinde/Wehshi, I guess in English they would be called beasts/monsters. They don't get any benefit and but they get satisfied by making other people unhappy.

I watched a video yesterday where a person was explaining how his life was ruined after investing in Bitconnect, he was crying and he had so many plans that he wouldn't be able to implement now. After watching his video, I thought why people do this? Why we prefer money over people's life or humanity? And would these deceivers be able to sleep with peace? After so many thoughts, I tried to beware future victims through a fiction story, doesn't matter if no one read, I played my part and we all should do something like this to create an awareness not become victims of such ponzi schemes in the future!

Wondering, why the author of the very first comment of this post gave him an upvote after reading the content, level 2?

I can send you a paperback copy for 3 SBD (free shipping).

I have to pay one more SBD, right?


No you don't.
You're already very valuable to me because you help write articles that I don't have time to write.

U don't think we can all do without greed,its a natural thing in us all we can do about the greed in us is how to control it.

Greed is a bad feeling, but I thinkб that in today's world almost everyone has them

there is enough for everybodies need.
But there isn't enough for everybodies greed.

nice post !

If we care enough, share enough, the world would have enough. The world have enough of our need but never enough for our greed. We all have tendencies to be selfish, we all want to hoard and enjoy the best because we know what it feels like to not have and the fear of that alone wants to make us to keep having. Really, balancing it evens it out. Doesn't mean we are perfect but it means we are not who we used to be and we are willing to try.

I was humiliated constantly at the dealership where I sold cars:

I would never be able to work in a place where i was humiliated, i'm a very calm person, until i snap, and when i snap all hell breaks lose, good for you that you left that dreaded place, and good for you that you became a early adopter, i was only able to get into cryptos last december, before that i was supressed by FUD of the crypto market and all things involved

Greed is everywhere. Balance is a must or it will consume and eat a soul alive.
I am on the search for a true tribe of beautiful ungreedy souls.
If we didn't have to worry about how to make money to survive life, it would cut down the greed factor down to zero.

Copying people we do not have the same destiny with, forgetting we all have our race to run... thanks for this...

I found this post thanks to @mike4christ. Glad he recommended it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm comfortable with my greed too (in off-line life) but I also love helping and giving where I can. I often donate my canvas prints to local charities for auctions but I partially do it because it can lead to more print sales, lol.

To be perfectly honest, I found @mike4christ's post because I'm trying to learn more about whales on steemit (I'm still new here). How do whales get to that level? Your advice says it all - "treat Planet Steem like it was a company you owned. How will you bring value to your own company?" Love it. That one is going to stick with me. Thank you!

true Fact Greed Is Curse.....And How MuCh You Gain You BECOME greedy And these are The Reality That Our Society Is very Fast Growing To That Curse.i Believe iff You Do Good Then You Will Gett Good Inreturn...good Post

I heard about you sometime ago but this is my first time reading your post.This is beautiful.Thank you,ma.

Hi there @stellabelle,

you raise a lot of points here. One of them is balancing out the give and take, the greed and the giving.

As a newcomer I feel alittle overwhelmed by the marketing tactics to gain traction in Steemit the same way than in any other social network. I see people losing focus and getting addicted to geting more likes and so on.

So, to simplify my life, I decided to skip it altogether and focusing on adding value to the community. I have a mission to increase the world’s creative quotient, so we can sole world problems, and I have a message to get across, skills and information to share with that aim. As you can see I resonate with a bigger dream as you mentioned. Plus, I already have a busy life.

Thus, count me in for the virtual castle, I think the more we join forces the bigger the impact.

Keep up the funny videos, I enjoy them :)

This post was so incredibly real. I'm kinda just sitting here, blinking. Lol

Greed is in everyone, but I don't know how much I honestly struggle with it? I probably would struggle more if I was successful! Truth!!! Hahahaha but honestly, "failure" has kept me humble and concerned about people. I bet if I started being "successful" I too would become more complacent and greedier. I hope that doesn't sound too pitiful.. lolol because I have learned to stop begrudging my "failures" (whatever that word means. Failure is completely subjective) and started to embrace what I can do despite them. I've had so many ideas that I was SURE were just about to take off. And they didn't! And I came to a point where I felt like pfffffft. Then stop dreaming!!!! And then moments later, I said... Why!?!? Why stop dreaming??? Are you really dreaming those things for money??? No. Not really. I value human connection more than material things. Ok then... Seek that connection. Pursue that! That can be the test of your success.

It's a balance still. Because I fight against my OLD opinion of success that the world deems appropriate (which definitely has affected and molded me) and force myself to keep reminding myself of my NEW opinion of success.

Not only that... But what you spoke about in your post... Motivation.

You know what? That used to paralyze me from doing things. If my motivation wasn't right... Then I shouldn't do it.. because it wasn't coming from a pure heart and a pure intention.

Ha!!!!! Then I finally (thankfully!!!) realized... Do you think the hungry child won't accept the bread from you because your motivation isn't pure??? Do you think ANYONE in need cares that much about your intention?

No! Give.. and give knowing full well that you might be giving selfishly, even for your own twisted needs to be fulfilled!!! Don't wait for your motivation to be pure because NEWS FLASH... It never will be! Hahaha

That was the knock upside the head that I needed :)

I'm so glad that your own revelation didn't stop you from giving... Or helping... Or guilt you into trying to change it into some disguised "pure" form of altruism. I love that you admitted your own shortcomings and continued to give in spite of them.

I love that you're a greedy/altruistic giver who knows herself enough to discern when her scales are tilting dangerously. Hahahaha

Believe me... It's better than being a greedy, altruistic hoarder who refuses to look at anything but his/her own reflection in the mirror.

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed connecting with you as I read it :)

Wow. This platform is amazing. I'm not much of a creative artist and have not really posted anything to speak of. I am very busy with my life and have never spent much time on social media. Facebook especially seems to be an enormous waste of time. I congratulate you on your creative endeavors.

"The biggest mistake people make is not being themselves, and trying to copy someone else."

I'd say though, they need to know who they are first.

I love the fact that you knew this was a bad thing and you were determined to put a stop to it. Most people know they are greedy but instead of them to try to change, they justify being like that. Thank you for this post, it is really insightful.

Saw your video with a David Pakman and decided to read more about you. You have so much energy it is nice to see that. Thanks for giving so freely. I believe it will keep coming back to you regardless of other factors around you.Cheers