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Greece - is everything and nothing and the same time. Sediment on a sunrise. Its like a beautiful void, a place my heart belongs to, a place where I always come back.


Now, being completely honest, if you think you've met lazy people, I surpassed them all, by all means. I don't even get bored of being lazy. And I discovered, that Greece - gave birth to all the laziest people in the world. They thought that the Golden Kingdom of Drachma was eternal...until it wasn't. Then this whole Eurozone pooped, together with the world crisis, all went to shit and the Greeks ... went on drinking coffee at their usuals "cafeterias", like nothing happened, keeping on heated discussions about saving the world, or their own asses.

By the way, a few super lazy and smartest people I know, are Greeks.


Philosophically speaking, If I can give a definition of "Missing something, that can't be replaced - it’s Greece.


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awesome location shots


Thank you! Greece is wonderful - at any location =)


maybe one day ill go there


Best place to be - is where your heart is! :)