Property is Freedom

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Originally posted on Quora October 21, 2022

“If we do not restore the Institution of Property we cannot escape restoring the Institution of Slavery; there is no third course.”
- Hilaire Belloc, The Servile State

This isn’t another expose on a WEF member or network but more of a personal anecdote of mine in regard to their goals. As a renter, I experience daily how limited an individual’s freedom is when they don’t own the roof over their head and the floor beneath their feet. Things my homeowning friends and family take for granted are legally and fiscally infeasible in my situation. I was just having a conversation the other day with my brother-in-law about smoking a rack of ribs. Something as innocuous as smoking or grilling meat outside is not permitted by my lease so any barbecuing I do has to be done at his house or someone else’s. Growing fruits and Veggies not treated with glyphosate? Forget about it. There isn’t nearly enough room in my 550 sq ft living space nor a yard to do so. I get fresh fruit and veggies from either the local farmers market or my mother-in-law’s backyard. Improving your living space by for instance ripping up nasty carpet and replacing it with vinyl or tile? Nope, don’t own it can’t change it. And most importantly of all your privacy as a renter is subpar to that of a homeowner. As a homeowner your mortgage lender cannot send a rep to enter your home without your permission unless they foreclose on it. As a renter, the landlord can think of 101 reasons to inspect your home while you’re gone and even your fourth amendment rights are subpar. A homeowner’s home cannot be searched without probable cause based on a reasonable articulable suspicion of a crime. Under Camara v. San Francisco Municipal Court, a renter’s home can be “inspected” by a public official under an administrative warrant that only requires evidence of a code violation at a particular location not individualized suspicion. Now imagine such restrictions on personal freedom but spread across the rest of societies goods and services. Imagine relying on autonomous cars you have no rights over to get to work or go on vacation. The things you take for granted in a car you own would not be feasible in a rented autonomous car because not only would you need someone else’s permission to go anywhere or do anything; you’d also be under constant surveillance which is already true of existing autonomous cars. You can kiss your 4th amendment privacy rights goodbye on the road because your location, travel history and even your body movements will be tracked and recorded. The circular economy or stakeholder capitalism will not give us more freedom; it is the antithesis of freedom, because at fundamental level property rights are the basis of all other rights; there is no freedom apart from ownership.

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