Great Pyramid of Giza - An ancient Wonder


The Great Pyramid of Giza is a symbol of Egypt ancient history. It is one of the seven wonders of ancient world and is the last wonder that still exist on earth. It is a mystery wonder about which world has yet to know completely. It is said that Great Pyramid of Giza is actually a tomb built by the king Khufu (2589-2566 BC - also known as Cheops) who was the fourth king of the dynasty. There are around 80 pyramids found in Egypt and Khufu's pyramid is one of the largest and tallest pyramid which made it an undeniable candidate for the wonders of the ancient world.



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All three pyramids that located on the Giza Plateau near the city of Cairo(Capital of current Egypt) were built during 2560-2490 BC. Tallest of the pyramid which privileged as an ancient wonder was built by king Khufu which was completed in 2560BC, pyramid in the back ground was built by the king Khafre and pyramid in front of Khufu's(the tallest one) was built by the king Menkaure. It is contradictory statement which says that it took 20 years of Egyptians to complete it and 100,000 people were involved in the construction of this great pyramid who were divided into five groups and then each group was divided further on the basis of skills. On the other hand some researchers say that it took 14 years and some say it took 12 or 10 years to complete.
It is believed that pyramids of Giza have made of more than 5 millions of blocks of limestone carved by the people which looks so natural now a days.

Why pyramids were built?

It is said that from the early dynasties this practice was started to build a tomb for a king as when he will die he will be buried in it. Every dynasty tried to make a strong and largest tomb for themselves as they could remain alive in the tomb forever(after death).

Shape of Tombs:

Another question arises that why the tombs of early pharaohs were built in pyramid shape. Egyptologists have found an answer for it which says :
"Tombs had sloping edges/sides so that dead king could run on it easily and climb to the sky to live forever."


What is inside the great pyramid of Giza?


In the great pyramid of Giza there are three rooms found. A king's chamber near the top of the pyramid, a so called queen's chamber and a grand Gallery.
King's chamber is on top of queen's chamber , a grand gallery also exists to the way of king's chamber . There is a passage to the queen's chamber before the entrance into gallery.
One more small chamber in the base of the pyramid is found which is ambiguous as it looks incomplete and weird.
Holes were also found which provide air to the chambers of both king and a queen. Total of four holes provide air two to the king's chamber and remaining two for the queen's chamber.

Though there were no bodies found neither of king's nor of queen's may be because it was constructed before 4500 years ago.

Latest Research on the Great Pyramid of Giza:


Recently researchers applied modern physical instrument which scanned the Great Pyramid of Giza and they found a mysterious void in the pyramid. Although they are not certain about the reason behind it but they surely believe that this void was managed to leave intentionally.
And some researchers named this research as "The research of the Century".

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