Gratitude Challenge Day54: Happy New Month & A Happy Birthday To @lifeofdarlington 🎊.

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Hey Steemians

It's day 54,and this is my second gratitude challenge which is initiated by @tojukaka.

Today am grateful for the New Month of July


Being alive is not by our might or power, but it's by his grace {God's Grace}.

The new Month of July is something am grateful for because am optimistic it will be better than the last month.

**Okay steemians, let's call it a wrap.
Oops lest I forgot, I'm also grateful for my friend, colleague's birthday @lifeofdarlington, Happy birthday bro
Wishing you the very best in life 😘,

Now what are you greatful for? Because I would really love to know.

Tell us by joining the gratitude challenge organized by @tojukaka.

What is Gratitudeday?

Everyday is gratitude day.

Gratitudeday is all about being thankful for the things that are happening in your life. A lot of us go through life taking things for granted. The goal is to challenge you to make a blog post about something you are grateful for. It could be big or small. It doesn't matter. Little things matter. I'll be doing this for 62 days (62 is not a random number). It's not an endurance game, you can join in anytime you want and opt out anytime you want.

Am jesse.

Thanks For Reading 💙💚💙💚💙.

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Thank you

Wishing you well in the new month of July.


Amen thanks bro, and you too

Thanks bro.

#Happy birthday @lifeofdarlington
#Wish u the best in life
#heaven bless ut new age
#long life and prosperity is certain

Happy birthday @lifeofdarlington. Many celebrations ahead.

Well done on this endurance journey @jesse. The Ungrateful man is one who doesn't know how to reflect over past events or fails at being observant. There is always something to be grateful for.


Yeah so true, thanks for stopping by dear

Happy new month bro, success all the way


Amen thanks, you too.

We only live once, and we only have one life to live. Life is worth being grateful for.