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In the month of June 2017 I decided to join steemit and after about less than two weeks my account got approved. By then of I wandered around steemit making short content until I decided to reach out because at that time I am suffering from lingering pain and my appearance had changed, I should say "parabolically" because my facial bone had grown to what it is now.

Then a steemian (no longer active) helped me and asked me to make an introduceyourself post and it was read by another steemian which made an snowball effect about the news about across the steem community. I received a great support from prominent steemians big and small stake holders alike.

Then @canadian-coconut had discovered me and told me that she will support me, she fulfilled that promise until now for which I am grateful for because without her help and some of my other friends here that I could not enumerate here anymore I was able to afford my crucial medicine to at least stop the progression of my facial bone which is working although it is not a complete cure as I am having a lot of pain issues still but I am thankful that the lingering pains are gone which tormented me for many months.


My Current Digital Painting

The steem community is my major support regarding the maintenance of my condition because I am able to buy my needed Parathyroid medicine so that my bone condition (Leontiasis Ossea) a rare bone disorder which is just a complication of being a dialysis patient for so long a time won't get worse.

So I am grateful that at least it is working for me but with a great compromise that I have to face because that medicine affects my appetite. So I have to trade pain with appetite-loss. But I can endure it nonetheless and now I am saving up for some surgeries that could improve my life like the Parathyroidectomy, Kidney transplant, and facial reconstruction.

Yes they are far-fetched goals due to my current condition but they keep me motivated in going on with my life now and with the help and support of some of the friends here at steem community that understands my predicament, my life really has not been only changed but also being saved everyday and maybe in the future when steem prices go up again, also transformed when I get to actually accomplish if not all but some of the medical goals that I am trying to fund using the support mainly by my selfless friends here at steem you know who you all are. God bless our steem community.

Gratitude challenge by @theycallmedan

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You've always been an inspiration to me @cryptopie - you are so strong. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Thank you too Sir @theycallmedan for all your selfless support. It is just by mercy of God that I am still living and continuing with this hard path-kind of life but maybe for other purposes than having a normal life that I am trying to achieve all these years.
But I am so fortunate to have discovered the community that I know and experienced already that transformed my life positively with full of hope in my heart that maybe someday I will pass through some if not from the health issues that I am battling now and at that point I will be a million times more grateful than I am today.
God bless you all.

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Thank you Sir for your support, I do appreciate that.

You are so very welcome :-)

Did you stake weedcash yet mate? They stay pretty hungry!

Wishing you the best. Keep it up!

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Yes i had staked my #weedcash although they are not much. #doggodfroglog

Aye was just joking about the munchies.

Wonderful story @crytopie. You are very strong man and community in cyberspace can be real in realspace. We proud of you. Blessing

Btw, if I am not wrong, sir @theycallmedan said we should to mention 3 friend to join there. Good luck brother.

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Ok @khaimi thank you for your encouragement and notification about mentioning 3 people.

You are one of the most inspiring members of our community for sure. Stay strong and awesome @cryptopie!

Thank you very much for your encouraging words @phortun

Your artwork is glad that things are getting better my friend. Take care and see you for #spud4 on August 1, 2019

It is very nice to do it Sir @streestyle I think everyone should do a digital painting too.
I'll support you with #spud4 :D let's make it regular.

I haven't had time to do any art lately, my last one was a whale that I drew on a tablet... but I need to get back to my art work.
And thank you for supporting the #spud and now #spud4 initiative.

I almost missed this post and thanks to @theycallmedan I saw it on twitter.
I discovered you very early and continuously admire your courage and attitude.
I hope all your short and long term goals come true very soon.
Lots of positive vibes and my admiration from Greece ⚘😊

Thank you @katerinaramm I am just trying to survive and am fortunate that I had met you all in this community so I am so grateful about that and gives me somewhat peace of mind that I have friends who cares for me. :D

It is important to be grateful. Great post

Thanks for sharing brother.

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mountains are marvelous!
and your story is very touching. One more proof Linda is an angel of Steemit. The more info about good deeds and help I get, the more references to her I find. Unbeliveable person.

anyone can participate in the challenge? Are there any terms? I looked through the acc of the author but didn't find a post about it. Was it long ago?

I enjoyed doing the digital painting @taliakerch :D

Anyone like you can do the challenge, just tag theycallmedan and then mention 3 people that also was helped by steem community. also use the #gratitudechallenge tag

Best regards my friend.

Thank you dear!!

Lovely post and fantastic artwork @cryptopie.

Here's wishing you every success in your goals for the future. ^__^


NB If you use the tag #creativecoin....there is every possibility you can earn tokens for your art.

Thank you Sir.

We love you, keep getting stronger!

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Great friend @crptopie! You are an amazing artist too! I am thankful to God and Steemit that encounter me with such a great person.
Salute you my friend!
Stay blessed!

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That's a great story and I wish you speed and happy recovery :) you are truly inspiration for not give up.

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Your testimonial has touched me as it has touched the other folks here on STEEM. I wish you G-D's blessings and comfort for you and your loved ones everyday.

I am throwing some !SHADE 5 your way to add to your token portfolio. Have a great week my friend.

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