I am grateful for my friend's birthday and thanksgiving party :-)

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I went to @sashley birthday party yesterday, not just to eat, of course (that's already given, hehehe) but to personally hand it to her my DIY birthday card. I just wanted to see how she would react to it. I was also a bit nervous because she might think that I just did it because of the contest. But I told her that that is not my entry to the contest and I really haven't had enough time to do my entry.

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I know that she's not the materialistic type of person, but I still chose to give her a simple butterfly necklace. I can see that she's excited to open that box hahahaha. Of course, I wrote those words there so she opened it and tada!!! She was all smiles and laughing at the same time while reading my message. :-D I don't know if she saw some grammatical errors, or something but one thing I know is for sure, she was really laughing with what I've written there. :-D That's actually my purpose, to make her laugh and to see her happy not just today but everyday. :-)

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After all, she deserves to be happy. With everything that she went through in her life, she deserves to be happy, to relax and to just have some fun. I guess I have gotten my right angle in here, she playfully smiles at my camera now.

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I was just taking photos of her reactions and I don't know, maybe she sensed that I was aiming at a wrong angle, hehehe :-D Yes, her back view hahahaha. We (me & @mavicalipda) stayed for a little while before going back home. We really had a great night laughing just reminiscing our younger days, how we spend our days when we were still kids, what TV programs we used to watch, how we deal with our siblings, how we celebrate Christmas, what gifts made us cry back then, sooooo many memories, soooo funny too and we couldn't help but laugh so hard and so loud! bwhahahaha.

Happy, happy, happy 42nd birthday to you again, @sashley. We love you :-) Thank you for all the damay damay challenges we went through. Looking forward to more damay damay challenges in the future. :-) God bless you and your nanay, you daughters, and you know who. :-D

Thank you, my fellow steemians for your time in reading my post. God bless us all. :-)

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Thank you very much and God bless. :-)

I am Marilou Avecilla Choy, a.k.a @mallowfitt

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Happy birthday Sashley, and may God bless you with many more!!
Group Bear Hugs for Marilou and Sashley!! x0x0x

Thank you papabear 😘

Thank you so much, @paradise-found, thank you very much for your big bear hugs to me and to my friends here <3 we love you papa bear <3 x0x0x :-) God bless you more <3

ayna met ni madam tlga met nag post en hehehe at salamat sa u a mam hehehe :-D

Happy birthday mam! GOd bless you more and more birthdays to come!

God bless you more sir, thank you so much sa generosity mo :-)

Salamat din madam Alam mo na yun😉

Happy Birthday to Sashley!!
Big Hugs to Marilou and Sashley!! 0x0x0

Big hugs and kisses to you😘😘

Following you!!

Thank you so much!😘
I'm flattered 😚

Resteemed!! :-D

Thank you 😘

Belated sashley