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People have looked at failure from different perspectives and have only been interested in the negative aspect of it without looking at the other side of the coin to see the green light from it.

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But my experience so far as a young man in his twenties who has been through some tough times in life, i have come to the point of realization that failure at some point is needful to propel one to success and opportunity. Am not in any way trying to support laziness and I Don't Care attitude but the truth remains that **If you have never failed in life you not really know the value of success". Ask a student who has gotten an F before and they will tell you the value of an E.
That you have failed once does not change your name to become Failure . In mathematics, there is what we refer to as TRIAL AND ERROR METHOD. You keep trying until you get an answer.

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Try again and again until you succeed, at every point you encounter failure it's a pointer that you are close to success city.
You have come too far to fail. Hold on with the pains and move on. In every Pain that you have been through there is a Gain waiting ahead.
Pain=Gain and the difference is the P and G
P=Patience and G=Greatness.

Have some patience and move on. Your failures so far has been your military check point and not your destination.

See you at the


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Special thanks to some people. First and foremost to @lordidama1 who introduced me to steemit.
@ayobami99 who opened my eyes deeper about steemit and to these other great people who i least expected to notice my presence
@paradise-found and @shikika

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Fail is just the opportunity to do better and take the path to success

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This is a great point, and a great perspective to look at life. Gardeners will comment that you don't become a real or master gardener until you have killed at least a 1000 plants. That whole time that you didn't keep a plant alive you are learning. IF you are lazy, you will never kill 1000 plants. You will try to grow vegetables or flowers one time, and then give up when you fail. But the Real Gardener will keep working and learning and trying until they have much success!!

I have a few tips for you......:

  • find a community. Maybe join the @minnowsupport project.

  • comment and follow other's articles for your first 1-4 months here more than you do your own posts. This will actually help you to gain Followers. And improve and refine your Posting style(by seeing other's good examples and bad examples).

  • don't plan to get rich. If you come for money, it will probably be a struggle.

  • it will still be a struggle when you are new.... for 2 or 3 months. As you meet more steemians and ask questions and figure things out, it will get easier.

  • only Post original work. Many new Steemians get into trouble when they copy and paste things from Google or from the internet, AND IT IS NOT their photo, writing or work. IF you can't post your own things, better not post. Otherwise @cheetah will get suspicious!

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  • have fun!

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Thanks so much for the response. Am building on what you said already and have met great people who have really been of great help to me.

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