I'm Grateful for Simple Children's Songs

My littlest girl sat by me during worship and we sang "Yes, Jesus Loves Me." One of my girl's favorite songs.

She likes to open the hymnal and sing.

Bless the Most High for little children!


Sweet! Little kids are such a joy!

They sure are!

Is that from your local congregation?

We meet for bible study on Shabbat with a couple of other families. They use the old-fashioned hymnals and singing, it's great!

It's nice to hear that you do have others that you can meet with! I have heard of some other Torah followers that don't have anyone to fellowship with. It is really hard to have a Holy Convocation when there is no one around to do that with!

I found this to be helpful, it's how I found out about the bible study group we attend - or rather they found us! :-)

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