FIRMO, the master of secured financial transactions

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Ever wanted security in your financial transactions??? Goodnews, FIRMO is here. FIRMO is the first in secured financial transactions. See the graphic design up there? It depicts the fact about FIRMO.

We all know a metallic box. It is very strong. Valuable stuffs are stored there and they can only be retrieved by unlocking the box with the key. Hence, my choice of a metallic box.

The metal box depicts your financial transactions. With FIRMO, it is very secured. As seen from the graphics, there is a key replacing the "I" in the "FIRMO". this means, only that key can open your transactions. And that key is FIRMO. Hence the key in the FIRMO

So we see that FIRMO ensures security in all financial transactions.


I got this idea from the fact that FIRMO uses firmolang to create the FIRMO protocol. See the graphics above, it shows FL inscribed on a metal shield. This means, FIRMOLANG is the shield that secures your financial transactions.

And with a metal shield, almost nothing penetrates it. Hence, with FIRMOLANG, no harm can penetrate through to get to your financial transactions. Hence you're secured!

Stick with FIRMO and ensure security.

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