Caspian: Your Wallet is safe, finally! my graphic submission

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Hello Everybody, Now i'm presenting my choice for the design contest of @mediaworks sponsored this week fot the people of @caspiantech


Let's meet our proyect of this week a little:


What is Caspian?

The world of crypto is continuously growing. There are a wealth of new exchanges and cryptocurrencies. Traditional investors, asset managers and traders have to navigate resources and tools individually in order to participate in the crypto-space. This creates a barrier to entry for individuals and institutions who could otherwise partake in this growing economy.

Caspian is a full stack of financial tools that integrates with major exchanges in order to offer users a single place to interact with the entire crypto-space.

Caspian targets the following three functions:

  • Execution
  • Position & Risk Management
  • Compliance & Reporting

Caspian Order and Execution Management System

Caspian gives users access to the entire breadth of financial tools available on each individual exchange. Users can use the Caspian platform to access all the available exchanges and their respective functions through one platform.

As a trader or fund manager, this means that you can have access to the best rates available across all the markets as well as a broad choice of cryptocurrencies.

Caspian Position & Risk Management

One of the most difficult tasks facing an investor operating on multiple exchanges is managing their positions. The Caspian solution is unique in offering a view of all your current and historical trades in one view. Caspian makes it easy to compare positions, divest, reinvest and keep track of profit & loss across multiple accounts.
In terms of managing assets, this ensures that the investor can be constantly aware of their portfolio as well as shift assets and positions across exchanges.
A key component of this process is the reconciliation of positions against each individual exchange. With Caspian this is done for you; via the auto reconciliation tool you can be sure that the positions you see at the exchange and in Caspian match and are correct.

Caspian Compliance

Caspian has built-in compliance features which ensure that users can set various rules and limits into their trading strategies.

Compliance consists of three limit types:

  • Warning Limit
    As the name implies, a warning suggesting a rule is about to be broken.

  • Approval Limit
    This requires a supervisor to enter a password to override the compliance alert.

  • Absolute Limit
    The absolute limit is a limit that cannot be overridden by any means.

These compliance levels allow users to create and adhere to rules that are appropriate for their assessment of risk-reward and ability to withstand variance. All breaches are fully audit trailed and recorded.


Now my design entry

The Sketching

In this step I decided on two proposals: an advertising poster, and an infographic, both in color, both with a concept that I put on paper first to get an idea and that would change as I was doing digital art, but still It helped me a lot to establish the general idea.

Here both designs on paper:



The Line Art

Here I was working first with the poster, giving the idea of the padlock that was mixed in a wallet, and reinforcing CASPIAN's message that the security of the (virtual) wallet is paramount and they know how to do their job.

In the case of infographics, my approach was more directed at explaining how the Caspian system works, and for that, I took the elements of its web page to adapt them as best as possible to the composition I had in mind.

These were the results of both processes:

In both cases we can see the linear and effects work that I was placing, but at a superficial and preview level, since then with the application of color it was that the design took shape in both cases.

There were some effects a little more complicated to achieve given the perspective effect, but in general terms I was very satisfied with the result; readability was another problem that I could solve by making a few visual adjustments, which gave me the result.


The Final Arts

Once applied the effects of lighting, shadows and colors, it was defined what would be the final art of both designs, being the results this arts:

The Poster

The Infographic

Caspian info 13.png

And it's even animated! look at this:


And that's my submission, the images were taken from the page of Caspian: and the graphics created by me, hoping you liked it, see you around!


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Hello @erune, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Hey people thank you very much for the support @creativecrypto i'm looking foward too see you too!! thank's again!