Making the "IMPOSSIBLE" "POSSIBLE" - The simple story of my grandson.

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Meet my grandson, baby boy Nino Ckhayson, who was born at 6 months. Doctors said that there was a great chance that he could not make it. We even got him out from the hospital because doctors could no longer do something to help him, but my grandson baby boy Nino is a fighter and he did not give up. Ckhayson is a strong baby. He went through so many painful procedures and experiences such as blood transfusions, multiple failed iv line insertions, unsuccessful PICC line insertion (which was actually a venous cutdown), extreme apneic episodes where he stopped breathing for more than 20 minutes, esophageal reflux and other things, but he was able to surpass them all.

Why? It is because of his will to live and of course because of God. It is because of the LOVE and the CARE that we have shown to him in his difficult times coupled with the prayers offered by our friends and relatives and some people whom we do not know and have not met. I want to thank everyone for the prayers you have offered for my grandson.

He is recovering and getting well. From 600 plus grams in weight, he is now 4.4 kilos. Thank you Lord for saving my grandson. I could not wish and ask for more. Thank you as well to my brothers and sisters and my family for being there along the way and thank you to my daughter Kyrene, the mother of my grandson, for not giving up. It has been a long and tough journey but we have made it.

It is really true that sometimes we can make the impossible possible and the formula is just putting our trust and faith to God the Father coupled with the determination to succeed.


Such a fighter baby Nino!

He is really a fighter. He is my inspiration now. Thanks. God bless.

Thank you for sharing Sir @alexander.bucol thanks to our powerful God the Father 😇