Snowiest Summer Ever - Early Frost in Corn Belt - "Why the Blurb?"

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Here in physical reality, the Earth is cooling, and the signs are ubiquitous: Obscene amounts of summer snow in Alberta, and inbound in Iceland. Early frosts returning to the US corn belt. The southern hemisphere as well. Physical reality reigns supreme over the diktat of the global warming alarmists -- although they will try to censor the truth as long as possible -- but we must prepare for the cooler times ahead.




'Climate Fears' at MAX - Why "Deep State" is ALL IN NOW - Analysis


Cold Times: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age (20% off/free shipping):

Interview with author Anita Bailey, Ph.D:

LDS Preparedness Manual:

Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse:

Other links:

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Now that the first day of Fall has started, it give the global warming community a reprieve, as summer snows are so anomalis, soon to become the norm.