Berlin, Street Art and Graffiti - Serie XXIV - Neon Graffiti!

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For the chapter number 24 of this series about Graffiti and Street Art I bring the photos of two works that really surprised me because of the effect achieved in them. One of the effects that impresses me the most, especially if it is as well achieved as in these two jobs.

The effect of Neon light!

These works are in the "East Side Gallery", a replica of the Berlin wall that was built as a symbol where the real wall was before and that has served as a gallery to street artists from around the world.

For these two works that I photographed, in addition to having the very well-achieved Neon light effect, also have some difference in the themes they deal with. The first work takes the form of the "Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo Da Vinci but with a special touch. The man is a street artist.

To all of that is added the Neon light effect and ...





The second work touches a more modern theme. Nothing more and nothing less than the Tesla car that Elon Musk sent into space with the rocket.

But with the Neon light effect.





And of course, I must also talk about the artist who made these works. He is called STRAKER and, from what he read, he was the first to use the technique that produces this Neon light effect in Graffiti.

Not bad at all!


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